The Secret Garden

Our lovely Miuccia showed us her “Secret Garden” – in the middle of London, across the street from Park Crescent lies a little oasis from the hustle and bustle of busy Marylebone.

IMG_8529 We entered through a locked gate to the first part of the “Secret Garden” and then walked through the “Nursemaid’s tunnel” to the quieter side.

The tunnel was so the nannies with children in prams need not cross the busy road between the two secret gardens.IMG_8534 We emerged on the other side – but we were not allowed off-lead.

Scattered amongst the trees and flower beds were picnic tables …IMG_8540and places to sit for a moment to ponder and appreciate the beauty.IMG_8562We sat and lingered under some very old trees.IMG_8545This very big tree is called Waterloo planes because they were planted in 1817 to commemorate Wellington’s victory over Napoleon!

Ahhh, look – a lovely cherry blossom!IMG_8564And wandered over to look up at the pretty blossomsIMG_8547And sat for awhile to ponder …
IMG_8552why there are no squirrels in this park.

We sat on the lovely lawns … Mummy really wished we had brought a picnic.
IMG_8569As we wandered further, we crossed over to Regent’s Park.  Once there, we were allowed off lead. IMG_8576And snooped around IMG_8579Wide fields to run
IMG_8582 We wandered further and came across a bridgeIMG_8586 And eager to get across and see what else laid in store for usIMG_8591Uh-oh! Not so fast. IMG_8590There were some big dogs at the other end. As you know, I am not so comfortable around big dogs as I slinked past this one.
IMG_8599But we made it safely past them. IMG_8605We came across fields of little white flowers.

And then we spotted something we have never seen before!  And we were curious …IMG_8611As Mummy held onto our leashes tightly …

before we three saw something VERY familiarIMG_8615We are in Squirrel Alley!!!! (that’s what Jacqui calls it)IMG_8616They were such a tease!  No wonder they said we had to be on the leash.  We would have gone mental if we were allowed our ways.
IMG_8622 May’s comment: Thank you Miuccia and Jacqui for showing us another part of London we’ve never been to before!IMG_8554We are so blessed with so many lovely parks in London.IMG_8618

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  1. Rita and Gracie (springador)

    We lived in London before moving to Folkestone and although we have lots of woods and the beach I still really miss the wonderful London parks…as parks here are merely play areas for children and sports enthusiasts. Enjoy your mystery walks.xx

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