Sono una CockerBarbo! (I am a CockerBarbo!) – with a bow in my hair.

I learnt a new Italian word. Poodle in Italian is Barboncino! And a Cocker Spaniel is the same – so in Italian that makes me a CockerBarbo or is it CockerCino?

We learnt that new word when Mummy took me to the vetimg_7528 I was there to get my check-up and Milbemax before returning to the UK in a few days (not more than 5 days and not less than 24 hours)

I was hanging out waiting for my turn when out came Bart.img_7529Bart was very curious about me and out of respect for his old age (he’s eleven) I dd not bark. I decided to sit under Mummy’s chair.img_7530 And thank goodness I did because in came three big dogsimg_7544Mummy asked what were their names – believe it or not, the one on the right is called Mike, the one on the left is called Tyson!!! And the middle one is Euma!  They don’t seem so frightening after all.

The vet, Paola Juri came out to get me.  She said she has never met a CockerBarbo before!img_7532She had met labradoodles though.  She said I was very pretty! 🙂

She weighed me. Uh-oh! I’m 10.05?!?!?! Mummy’s shocked!img_7535The vet left the surgery and asked me to wait …img_7536Where did she go?

She returned with the Milbemax – and gave it to me.img_7538And I swallowed it along with other treats. Vets and treats – they go together.img_7545We then had to pay all of 9.60 Swiss Francs! Mummy was in shock!!!!! In London, we pay 60 pounds for one visit!!!!!!!!!

The next stop wasn’t planned. It just so happened. We were walking around Lugano when Mummy came across a toy store. She went in to inquire if there’s a pet store in town. And sure enough there was!
img_7623Bautique & Spa at Piazza Dante was a lovely find. We thought to come and buy George a little present from us.img_7628 We met the owner of Bautique & Spa. I liked her immediately because she gave me some treats.img_7624She hadn’t met a Cockapoo before either, or rather a CockerBarbo/CockerCino. Again like the vet, she had met labradoodles and also maltipoos!

But before I knew what was happening, someone else came along and swooped me up in her arms …img_7627And I went for a wash-n-fluff! I also had a massage!

While I was getting the beauty treatment, Mummy was snooping around the store, looking at all the waresimg_7636And hung out with Sofia, the poodle of the shopimg_7630And Sun, a pomeranianimg_7639And every other dog that came into the store before I finally emerged –img_7642All fluffed up!

For a treat, Mummy bought Muffin and I two cupcakes which we duly ate.
img_7649Do you like the bow in my hair?img_7678

We also got a surprise pressie for George but we won’t mention it here just incase Stanley’s mummy reads this and tells him before we can give it to him.

Two local experiences!

May’s comment: Well, that was fun.

The vet was really lovely and gosh, could not believe the price of a vet visit in comparison to that in London!!!  The vet, Paola Juri is at via Pestariso 5, 6982 Agno.

And what a find – Bautique & Spa was. The owner was lovely too. And loved the shop. Quality toys, imported quality foods and lots of fun stuff. Just decided for Darcy to have a spa treatment which includes a wash, massage and some facial treatment.  They even cleaned her teeth which never happens at the pet grooming in the UK.  The last time she had a wash-n-fluff in Milan, they gave her the prettiest bow on her ears. And they did it here too!  Bautique & Spa is at Piazza Dante 8, Lugano.

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