Visiting Villa D’Este, sharing a memory

Though Mummy had never been to Lugano, she knew it was close to Como and a special place she wanted to show me.We first stopped in the town of Como by the lake before we drove to Cernobbio to show me the beautiful gardens at Villa d’Este she had so enjoyed previously.img_7560 I had to do a lot of posingimg_7588She even wanted me to run up that slopeimg_7562But I didn’t feel like it.

We did poses together img_7570 And on my ownimg_7566 And as we were walking down the stepsimg_7564-1 towards the lakeimg_7568She told me I could run ahead – and I did as I was told! img_7663 And I ran along the lakeimg_7573 But slowed down to check out this new surfaceimg_7576 Then the hoomans wanted to go inside for something warm to drink as it had become quite cold –img_7578so I was back on the leash again.  And I know I had to behave …img_7582In these rather formal environments.img_7585As Mummy doesn’t really do coffee if she had a choice. And this time she did, unlike that cafe in Vienna. She had an affogato instead (so much for a warm drink) – and since this “high-end luxury” destination catered to an international clientele, they were more flexible with their coffee offerings – and she had a decaffeinated version of it! img_7579 And they brought me a bowl of water.img_7580Well, that was a very proper place to have stopped for a drink.

And if we had run into George Clooney, I would have told him that my little brother is named after him! But we didn’t.

May’s comment: Ever since I started travelling with Darcy, I had the opportunity of creating new chapters and memories of places I’ve been to in my “previous life” with her.
img_7593And this was one of my favourite places to come to. So glad to have shared it with her.

The Villa d’Este is a grand Renaissance residence on the western shore of Lake Como in the town of Cernobbio. Via Regina, 40, 22012 Cernobbio CO, Italyimg_7589

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  1. Cecilia

    Wow Miss Darcy, you are a seasoned traveller!!

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