A Tree of Memories

We only have a little tree and it’s not a real one – but Mummy had it for many years and fits her current lifestyle perfectly.  As much as she loves pine trees and the beautiful scent – she absolutely abhors the cleaning up afterwards!  

Our little tree doesn’t hold a lot so the few ornaments that get to go on are special and hold memories for Mummy.

Like this bauble. It was made by Rebekah back in 1982 when she was six and Mummy was her aupair. She had made this in school and gave it to Mummy as her own family didn’t celebrate Christmas.  Rebekah remains in Mummy’s life till today – and she has two children of her own. I met her three years ago when I visited New York.IMG_6854 And just before Mummy left New York for Europe, this was Rebekah’s present to her – circa 1988.IMG_6850And along the theme of hearts, this upside down one was made by my BFF, Little Tyke. He made this at nursery school when he was three the year  – during the term he spent at a nursery school in London. Mummy remembered the day he came home from school and told her he had a present for her – and was overjoyed to find a hand-made ornament.IMG_6852And now of course, our two latest ornaments are of me …IMG_6851And one of Georgie – which was brought back by Sarah from NYC.  IMG_8382It’s a tree of memories.

May’s comment: I used to collect Christmas ornaments from all my travels.  One day when I realised I was never going to have a tree big enough to hold them all, nor was I going to be living in a home any time soon that is big enough for a real Christmas tree, I gave them away to my sister.

I then bought this very simple yet elegant “tree” from Heal’s many, many years ago and it has served it’s purpose well. It now has a broken branch but no one notices once it’s lit. It’s simple and very pretty. IMG_8383So it now holds few but precious ornaments.  Whether it’s Rebekah’s bauble from 1982 to Sasha’s upside down heart from 2013 and the two latest additions – my two little doggies – I feel blessed.

We shared the cockapoo ornament with Darcy’s brother, Milo.  We continue to search their other brother, Billy who is out there somewhere and hoping he will miraculously turn up some day. We would love to reunite them all.  They’ll be five in February! 12358302_10205858068031193_435015746_nAnd also little Bow. Though it was Sunnie who connected us, it was little Bow that brought us together. In memory of Sunnie and to commemorate a friendship.12364042_10208120495999330_1949493826_oAnd for Izzy’s family – let’s hope she comes home before Christmas.  If she does, this is for Izzy – her own ornament. If she doesn’t, then they will have Izzy’s ornament for their tree till she returns.12309193_1521979831446643_1216418018_nMerry Christmas to all our friends – as we live in hope for good things to come about this holiday season!

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  1. Dawn Walsh

    I love your tree May & the memories s it holds, I still put Sorayas ornaments on mine & she is 20. But no matter how I decorate it or the theme, her ornaments & ours from New York bought on honeymoon, it these that I love & cherish. Soooo many happy memories & love. And now we have Ruby to make us 4 so she deserves a special ornament too xxxx

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