The Patient and the Impulsive

The sun peeped out for a little while when we went to the park this morning.  And there were squirrels everywhere!

Like this one perched up on a tree IMG_8413Looking down at me.IMG_8412 And so we sat like that for a long time, waiting to see who leaves first.

I waited so long, I almost dozed off.IMG_8414Eventually another one was spotted and we went to the next tree,
IMG_8410There was nothing much left to do except to wait for them. And we can do this all day.

But that George and I, we have different approaches to hunting. I am the huntress, I stalk.  I am both spaniel and poodle – I have strong hunting genes. I stand patiently, walking slowly towards the prey and get closer and closer before I pounce – but always too late.

But that George, he thinks he’s clever by just running headlong towards the prey – getting there before me! He learnt squirrelling from me but obviously lacking in any of the hunting genes.  As Yorkshire terriers were apparently trained to catch rats that explains it all! Annoying!

May’s comment: They can literally do that all day. So much for my walking exercise. I just sit and watch them.


  1. Jane Groothuis

    My Lola (yorkiepoo) and Mackenzie (Yorkie) bark furiously at the squirrels they’ve treed, in absolute outrage that they won’t come down to be properly caught. And, the squirrels chatter right back at them, sounds to me that they’re saying ” Yeah. We’ll be right down. When hell freezes over”.

  2. Alison Mullett

    Great entertainment though!!! Darcy so typically Cockapoo and Georgie so terrier like!!! Lol!

  3. Nancy Koon

    Great picture of Darcy…at first I thought she was “sunning” herself!

  4. margaret danks

    I love their squirrelling stories. Miss Darcy looks so intent on gerring them, but those pesky squirrels are too fast and smart!

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