Spot the city dogs!

We city dogs took the train to the country side. IMG_2188We went to visit Vanessa to meet the two Hungarian rescues she is fostering.

It had rained all night and earlier in the morning, so Mummy was armed with our onesies. She can’t bear the thought of us getting all muddy after a walk in the fields, and then having to take the train back to London.

Vanessa came to pick us up at the station and brought us back to her farm.  She has her own four dogs and a few boarders. We were introduced to the dogs one by one.IMG_2201That way it was not overwhelming for George and I. IMG_2202That also meant they all don’t gang up and start teasing us in our onesies.

It was also necessary as normally I would be terrified of these HUGE black Estrela Mountain dogs! But I wasn’t!IMG_2210 We were very excited to meet Ronnie and Ray – the two rescues from Hungary who came to the UK the same way George did.IMG_2209So we set off for our walk and we followed the gangIMG_2205 But George, totally unaware of his size went right up to mark the post just as Alfie was marking a post – he was almost showered upon!IMG_2206We walked around their farm – IMG_2220All creatures big and small and those of us with onesiesIMG_2233We walked along paths where the horses canterIMG_2218 On rain soaked fieldsIMG_2208And sometimes there were large puddles. I saw this one and ran ahead into it. I was far away enough for Mummy not to see me. LOL!  IMG_2222There I was, Equafleece and all in the puddle!  But I ran back to Mummy pretending like I was never in it. As we walked closer, I walked around it to show her that I would never dream of walking into a puddle. And showed her how naughty Rex was swimming in it!IMG_2224 There were glorious fields to runIMG_2235 and George and I ranIMG_2228 And the others chased us – Skye, a Collie, Polly, a Staffie and Betsy, a Cavapoo!IMG_2230We had so much fun!
IMG_2231We were rightly muddy – so more than ever, Mummy was mighty pleased with herself to remember to put us in our fleeces.
IMG_2237 It was time to re-group IMG_2243Skye (Collie), Archie (Estrela Mountain Dog), me (Cockapoo), Betsy (Cavapoo), Ray (rescue), Rex (rescue), Holly (Staffie), Alfie (Estrela Mountain Dog), Mary (Border terrier), Ronnie (rescue), George (rescue) and Jack (Border terrier) on the other side of the fence.

Ronnie and Ray – the two Hungarian rescues who are being fostered by Vanessa are very attached to each other – and they wander off on their own. IMG_2247Vanessa said they have their own agenda! So George went to round them up!  LOL! Not really, just a good photo. He of all dogs need rounding up.

Ah, yes, need a drink.IMG_2248 After our muddy walk, we were hosed down one by one and had to stay in the tea room to dry and not get all muddy again. IMG_2263 That’s me and all the furry little ones – IMG_2251– Ronnie, Ray, George and Betsy

Then we heard a strange sound and wondered what the heck that was. Turned out it was a cockerel in the nearby barn.IMG_2283 Vanessa gave him a cuddle – Mummy was surprised that you can cuddle a cockerel!IMG_2284 She went to take a photo of the hen who was busy laying eggs and did not appreciate being disturbed!IMG_2287After we were all clean, we went inside the house for lunch, treats, more tea IMG_2290and cuddle time!IMG_2291That’s Mummy falling deeply in love with Ray – and I was feeling a little cold and wet, and a little left out.IMG_2303So Vanessa gave me a cuddle. Actually, I was really focusing on the remaining quiche on the table.  And George’s little head popping up wanting a cuddle as well.

May’s comment:  Lucky for us the rain stopped but nothing like walking in muddy fields for a change of London scene!  Darcy and George snoozed on the way home in the train – and so did I – open mouthed and all! LOL!

We went to visit Vanessa who is fostering the two Hungary Hearts Dog Rescues – Ronnie and Ray. And we had the lovely experience of walking with twelve dogs around their farm! It was all fenced in so there was no concern about George running away. Besides he was so happy playing with all of them – but never failing to annoy Darcy. If it wasn’t so muddy and wet, it would have been gloriously fun!

Thank you Vanessa for sharing the day with us! We look forward to going back. I know Darcy and George loved the freedom of running in the fields.


  1. Jill Keiser

    Thanks for letting us all visit Vanessa’s farm! My doggies and I could feel the fun and energy you had running all over the expanses of land! Ray and Ronnie are cute little rescues and lucky to have Vanessa taking care of them! Did you wear your onesies on the train back home?

  2. Margaret Danks

    I would love to live on a farm. What great fun to have the freedom to run and run and play! What a lovely lady Vanessa is for rescuing and fostering.

  3. Liza Brissenden Hemstock

    You captured an afternoon with Vanessa and all the doggies beautifully May!
    Henry (my rescue from Croatia) and I love visiting the farm and walking with a huge team of doggies whom Vanessa seems to bewitch – all behave beautifully because as she says, she is Top Dog!
    Henry calls it ‘Doggie Heaven’! I hope you are able to visit again!

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