Two little “Kedves”

Half a year ago, little Ray was wandering the streets of Hungary. But he got culled and was left in a cage in the Killing Station amongst all the big, scary dogs.IMG_2266Then one day, Ronnie who was also culled from the streets joined him in the cage with other big dogs.  10390280_453683561508575_8450642675144614789_nRonnie is a little older and more delicate.IMG_2299Immediately they sought out each other’s company and protected each other from the big, scary dogs.

One day, a lady called Hilda came to the Killing Station and found the two of them huddled together, shaking with fear.  Immediately she raised enough funds through the Hungary Hearts Dog Rescue charity to take them both to safety.  They both ended up in a foster home in Hungary and over time, Hilda learnt how close they have become.  12096538_434213253455606_6957783900314572927_nIt would be wrong now to separate them. So even though there were adopters for the both of them, Hilda decided to wait it out for them to be re-homed together.

They are now at a foster home in Buckinghamshire and we went to visit them. IMG_2265This is me with Ray.  Mummy thinks they both have a bit of George likeness – think there’s Yorkie in Ray and Yorkie and Shih-Tzu in Ronnie.IMG_2278They are now on a farm where they are living with loving fosterers and four other dogs.  They go for walks with doggies big and small.IMG_2212But now and then they like to wander off on their own together.  Vanessa said – they have their own agenda. 🙂IMG_2247So George and I went to herd them back in! LOL! Not really – just a good photo. Because of all the dogs, George is the one that needs herding!

They have their own beds but they love sleeping with each other.IMG_2310 We brought them a Valentine heart each – because they are such sweethearts.  That’s what “kedves” means! IMG_2328And the good news is that there is lovely lady who came to see them last week – and fell in love with the both of them. So it looks like they might be going to their new home – soon.  Let’s keep our fingers crossed and hope it all works out.

May’s comment: If not for a well-screwed on head (for the moment), and the fact that Ray and Ronnie have been spoken for (well, at least the home checks are going ahead), I would be so tempted to take them both!!!!  IMG_2277Not only because they are very sweet, they are one helluva lot easier to manage than ONE George! Maybe because Ray is a little too tubby to run very fast now, but the two of them are so cute together.  They are perfect London dogs – they need pavement walks and manicured parks to keep that white fur clean and trimmed. 🙂 They waddle around, they sleep next to each other, they are not lively monkeys and athletic like George.  I don’t think they are interested in squirrels. Haven’t stopped thinking about them. I know they will have a beautiful life together in their new home – but if the adoption falls through, I will be on a campaign to have my friends adopt them so I can always have access to them.

Thank you Hungary Hearts Dog Rescue for continuing to do what is right and best for the doggies you have rescued. It has been five months since they were rescued and they have kept their promise to find the right home for the both of them together.

Ray is a happy boy of about two years old. He is robust and loves to play. Ronnie is a bit more fragile and while she loves cuddles, she needs to be handled gently. She doesn’t really know how to play. We think she’s at least six years old.

Does anyone want George? LOL! Just kidding. I would die of a broken heart if George ever left us.  He is one monkey I love to bits. But these two will add nicely to the gang. But NO!!!! NO!!!!! NO!!!! It will mean the end of travel and going out to eat and everything else. I will definitely be the crazy dog lady of Chelsea.

P.S. Very dangerous going to meet these rescues.


  1. Margaret Danks

    Oh May,,, step away from the doggies lol! If I had the money and space, I would have my own little rescue centre. Is it beyond the realms of possiblity for Vanessa to keep them both?

    • Miss Darcy

      There’s someone interested in them – home check at the moment so they’ll be together. Vanessa would keep them all but then she won’t be able to foster others.

  2. Vanessa Hemstock

    Ahh what a lovely story 😀 Ray & Ronnie are a such sweet little souls and deserve a happy content life together, after all they’ve been through. I’m keeping my fingers crossed the home check is passed with flying colours and they will have the best home ever 💖

  3. Jocelyn

    Lovely pups, keep us posted on their future X

  4. Cheryl

    Such sweet pups! I’m so glad they are being kept together. They’ve been through so much, it would be terrible to separate them.
    May, stay strong! 4 dogs in an apartment might be a bit much!

  5. Paul Reed

    What a great story really makes you realise how lucky our little dogs are. Bless the pair if them and I hope that their new hoomans love them as much as they deserve.

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