London in bloom

There was a reason why Mummy painted this door purple. To match the wisteria!

At this time of year, there are blossoms everywhere! Wisteria seems to have taken over this house.

In the parks, we skip through daffodils.Even along the pavement, flowers seem to peek out at us. “Hello! Hello!” they seem to say. “We’re in bloom. Spring is here.”
Beautiful in every colour.Single bloomsOr multiples that grow on trees.But then they all fall down –All too soon. So short and fragile are their existence.

So they print more permanent ones on clothes!In this case, the flowers seem to have overflowed to the outside of the store.And guess what? They’re also on our collars! And on my head.And it’s not even the Chelsea Flower Show yet!

Regardless, London is blooming! They make the hoomans stop and appreciate them for they are fleeting. All too soon they will be gone and the trees will just have green leaves.

For a moment, Mummy thought we might have caught on about the flowers as we stared at a flowering tree across the road. Looking a little closer, Mummy saw the reason why … There sat a menacing cat …Staring at us from atop a column knowing we can’t get to her. She teased us with her presence and Mummy’s firm hold on our leash kept us at bay. We didn’t;t bark though. We just stared back at the cat.

May’s comment:  Love walking the streets and seeing all the flowers in bloom!  You see people stopping to appreciate the beautiful blossoms, taking photographs of them. They do make us stop and look, to take in their beauty, to take in their splendour for all too soon they will be gone.


  1. Barb Barkley

    How is your knee May. I noticed you are walking with a cane.

  2. Judith Vogel

    What a gorgeous tour through the blooming flowers!
    Thank you, I love the flowers on the collars……
    Please see to your knee!
    We hope it heals very quickly…
    With love

    • Miss Darcy

      Seeing a knee specialist on Thursday – it’s not just the knee it has the Morton’s neuroma that I am sure had caused the inflammed knee. ?

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