In search of perfect winter boots

Winter will be long over, Mummy before you find those “perfect” boots to wear. Boots that are warm, feels and looks good when walking us, yet still elegant enough to go out for meetings in the city.So we tried yet another shoe store – this time in Notting Hill – at Penelope Chilvers.  I waited patiently while she tried them on.IMG_6640Even Rusty and Martine were waiting for her.IMG_6578But Georgie was busy making friends with the staffIMG_6577 Still no luck, we went onto …IMG_6648 (1) Hmmm – more clothes than boots/shoesIMG_6581But surely not these for walking us and definitely they do not look like they would be warm!IMG_6579And we go on. Sigh! Someone out there must have that perfect shoe/boot that Mummy’s looking for.  She’s obsessing about them. HELP!!!

May’s comment: Just checking out dog-friendly stores … not so serious about those boots – will find them when I find them. Probably at the end of season. LOL!IMG_6584Or better still – the Sales!!!


  1. Liz

    Hello Miss Darcy,

    Tell your mummy to have a look at the website, then click on sheepskin and then boots, she might find something suitable there. It could save you trailing around the shops, I know how boring that can be!

    Love Elsie (woof!)

  2. Julie

    UGG Gerswhin were my go to boots as they are waterproof and sheepskin lines and have a thermal sole. Great as they look smart enough for popping in places for lunch but easily washed down if they got mucky! And they got me through 3 days in -11c in New York without blisters or cold feet! X

  3. Lisa Simon

    Tell Mummy to look at Dubarry Galway or Clare boots. They are warm, waterproof and smart ! Definitely able to wear for business meetings ! x

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