Still running – but on two feet!

Great shot Agnes! It sure looked like I was running towards you on two feet!

This is our last weekend with Agnes and Pavel – and we’ll be going home to London after Easter.

As you can see, Me, Georgie and Winston have been doing lots of running – up and down.

Hmmm, this is unusual. I’m at the back of the pack.Wait up! How did you guys get ahead of me?Aha! Caught up!And then I turned around quickly and came charging down! The others just starting to appear at the top Finally they’ve come down after I’ve run past the camera …It was fun running up and down that slope!

So much space to runAnd George still hadn’t done a runner …And I am learning to take a walk in the park – on two!Not really! I was just jumping with excitement as Agnes called me …Here I comeGood recall, right?  I am much better at recall when Mummy isn’t around – as I have to stick close to the “next hooman.”

And look at Georgie! Recall in action!Oops! Georgie – that’s a daffodil waiting to bloom.May’s comment: Missing them. Looking forward to being with my two pooches again.


  1. Maria

    But what joy they are having but of course you will miss your gorgeous boys

  2. Jill Keiser

    Agnes and Pavel are making sure Darcy and George get a workout while you are gone!

  3. Margaret Danks

    They are having so much fun but missing their mummy

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