• IMG_3610Happy Stevie!
  • IMG_3609
  • IMG_3542What breed of dog is this?
  • IMG_3543Clementine went to investigate
  • IMG_3541Rusty
  • IMG_3544Stevie gets the cuddles
  • IMG_3545And photographed a lot!
  • IMG_3539Little Tyke giving out treats
  • IMG_3538Jim showing Sasha how to give treats
  • IMG_3537Biscuit trying to take some shade
  • IMG_3536Little Tyke is Mr. Popular
  • IMG_3531Still trying
  • IMG_3605Rusty and Stevie anxious to get tot he park
  • IMG_3602Mummy showing Little Tyke how to do it
  • IMG_3600George, Stevie and Rusty
  • IMG_3574Spencer - the late comer
  • IMG_3570
  • IMG_3559Dash taking shade
  • IMG_3548
  • IMG_3550
  • IMG_3551
  • IMG_3556Water was very much required

It’s a summer Sunday in London

There was so much going on in London yesterday. There was a big cycle race from London to Surrey which closed off two main roads near us – which meant we had to walk all the way from home to Hyde Park – 35 minutes each way!

And guess who came along?IMG_3585Little Tyke!

What breed of dog is this?

And when we got to the park, we had to dart our way around runners who were running for a causeIMG_3587Little Tyke was there with treats for us

Little Tyke giving out treats

Mummy showing Little Tyke how to get me to do tricksIMG_3602It was a beautiful day and our humans all sat on the grass and were at eye level with usIMG_3571L-R: Cream (toy cockapoo), George, Darcy, Stevie (maltipoo), Rusty, Biscuit, Alfie, Dash

And Clementine was too busy with a bottle to sit for the group photo!IMG_3570And Mr. Spencer was a little late!

Spencer - the late comer

It was also quite hot – and we took shade

Dash taking shade

May’s comment: Even though the sun was out but road closures due to the races and the Summer Holidays we only had 10 doodles come to play!  But it was fun to be able to sit on the grass and have conversations while watching our pooches run and play.IMG_3608 IMG_3606Martine with StevieIMG_3554Katie with George

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