Shaggy Selfies

It was the summer holidays. A few of our friends have been away, our dog walker went on holiday including our groomer. But September is here, school is back which means our doggy friends have all returned too.  In the meantime, we have become shaggy dogs!

We took selfies to show you how long our hair had grown over the summer months.  IMG_5366Unlike my floppy top, George’s fringe just grows upwards.

Charlie’s muzzle is all over the placeIMG_5377As for Jaffa, his Boho look had been complemented with souvenirs of Summer!IMG_5388and me. IMG_5367I haven’t bumped into anything yet …

As for Marley, he never gets shaggy. IMG_5399He just gets more poofy!

So the “Shaggy” Dogs went to “poofy” dog’s house for a grooming party! IMG_5385First up, George!IMG_5401For a rescue, George loves to be groomed. He loves the touch, the fuss and we get the feeling that as long as he’s got the attention, he has no fear of hair dryer or clippers.  And he likes feeling clean.
IMG_5409 Yay! We are all clean now! IMG_5413 Everything all tidied up and shaped up! IMG_5434Did that all come from me?

Jaffa was up next.  Yup! That’s Jaffa not a babushka!IMG_5416 She had on a “happy hoodie” to muffle out the sound of the hairdryer.IMG_5418 All blown fluffy and dry, IMG_5431the shaving began. IMG_5451It was obvious Jaffa had an amazing summer IMG_5528and she brought back souvenirs to show for it – burs, seaweed, muck stuck deep in her legs which necessitated a shave.IMG_5456That was just from the lower parts of her body!IMG_5491And the end result – half of the Jaffa we knew with long skinny legs.  She was way too matted to do anything else.

NEXT! Charlie! Another scaredy cat who’s afraid of the hair dryer.IMG_5425What are you looking at?” asked CharlieIMG_5424See Charlie, it is all quite relaxing!

Charlie’s daddy asked to have him cut very short but as he wasn’t so matted in the legs, Mummy told the groomer to keep them longer than the body and to round off his paws, i.e. don’t show the digits!IMG_5478And the end result – (not so) lean mean, Charlie-bean!IMG_5490When it was all over, he got lots of cuddles!IMG_5486

And then it was my turn!IMG_5484After a wash, I was getting a blow dryScreenshot 2016-09-09 08.23.56And I came out long and fluffy!
IMG_5500If Mummy had it her way – if the streets were paved and swept, and it never rained, and the parks are just fields of green instead of nature’s variety of foliage that changes with the seasons, she would keep me shaggy!IMG_5499But alas, we live in the real world and it rains quite a bit in London.  The city streets though paved gets all wet and gritty with rain and dust.  Even the “Royal Parks” are subject to puddles and muddy fields.  So I got the trim down as well but not like Charlie and Jaffa.IMG_5560And while I was being fluffed and shaped, Marley was getting washed and brushedIMG_5508He sat patiently while his mummy took out every bit of matting in his legs.IMG_5509And it was then Marley’s turn on the table –IMG_5513Look at those Elvis flares!IMG_2669And the end result! Handsome Marley!

Well, that was a marathon of a grooming day – from 9am till 6pm. No wonder we’re all tired.IMG_5518 Charlie’s passed out!IMG_5527

May’s comment: Thank you Marley and Yaena for hosting yet another successful grooming party!  All the doggies feel so much better and it was timely for cuddles at bedtime with Darcy, George and Charlie!

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  1. Margaret Danks

    You all look beautiful Miss Darcy

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