Sunday Morning Trail

This bear trail is extensive! We’ve been told that there are quite a few of them in the financial area of London. Mummy said there’s no way we’re going there on a regular work day.

So we scheduled a Sunday morning for our hunt where the regular “inhabitants” who are there during the week are not to be found!

We were excited to get to St. Paul’s Cathedral. Across the street from it at Carter Lane Gardens is Bear in the Wood designed by Rankin, he’s a photographer.

IMG_1038 Moving onto the Guildhall Art Gallery & Roman Amphitheatre is Good Morning, London – the pigeon friendly bear! It’s designed by Richard Howells, the independent film maker and also a BAFTA winning movie production designer.  He said it’s the marmalade sandwiches under Paddington’s bear that’s attracting the pigeons.IMG_1042 And not so far away in front of The Royal Exchange is a bear by the internationally renowned architect Zaha Hadid. We can’t seem to figure out why it’s called the R; G; B and what those initials stands for. Does anyone know?IMG_1045There have been quite a few very colourful bears – so even though Paddington came from the darkest Peru, this one implies that it is actually a very colourful country. OK. I think someone was trying hard to rationalise this design. 🙂

Outside the London Bridge station we found Wonders of the World Bear designed by Peru.  It’s close to The Shard but even on a clear day, you still can’t see Peru from up there.  Mummy told us that she recognised it’s Macchu Pichu painted on this bear.  She’s been there and definitely agrees it’s one of the great wonders of the world.IMG_1049Little George is somewhat getting used to these posing sessions but he still doesn’t usually look up. He’s more interested in looking at the ground – scavenging for crumbs!  So when we got to Borough Market looking for Taste of Peru by Peru – George was definitely looking for food.
IMG_1052 That said – I was tempted too.IMG_1054 The smell of food everywhere was just too distracting – even for the experienced poser that I am.IMG_1053 We moved on further along the Thames and at Bankside Pier, near the Globe Theatre we found a Paddington. Of course it had to be called Shakesbear – designed by Michael Sheen.  Love that we had St. Paul’s Cathedral in the background.IMG_1061The next Paddington we found was on the Riverside Walk just by Tate Modern.  This is Fragile By Ryan McElhinney. It’s called Fragile as a reminder that we must remember to take care of our bears.
IMG_1057Well, that was a good Sunday run around. Seven bears ticked off.  That brings us to a grand total of 48!!!!

But we have only till Tuesday to find the last two. I guess they still would not consider the fact that we have found 50 in total.


  1. Elwood

    Is it called R.G.B cos it’s Red, Green, Blue???

  2. Laura

    Hi Miss Darcy, Elwood is sort of right. I think it’s called R, G, B because when you are selecting colours on a computer you can type in different numbers next to the R, G and B boxes to choose a specific shade. Next to the boxes is a colour spectrum which is the same design as this Paddington. I’m not sure why Zaha would have chosen this though. X

  3. Elwood

    No Red, Green and Blue are primary colours thats why 🙂

  4. Helen jibson

    nice day out for your dogs bella been to Beverly west wood open pastures met a three month old cockerpoo from Cambridge

  5. cintia

    OMG…. we did this exact trail today too but started with Fragile bear…. you gave us the idea but as we are not Londoners ourselves we have no chance to see them all. The bear at Borough market spooked our beagle out so much that she slipped her collar and we almost lost her in the cowd. But luckily she was too scared to run away. Love reading your posts.

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