Fair-weather “hoomans” invade the parks

What glorious weekend weather!  And we were off to the park for ball chasing and running …IMG_7926Sitting on the grassy lawns and IMG_7927enjoying the weather with Mummy.IMG_7965But alas, we were there a little too late.

You see, on most days when the English weather brings the rain, and more rain, or when the days are closed over and the temperatures are cold, when the grounds are muddied – the parks are ours to run and chase squirrels and roll around. But once the sun comes out and especially on a weekend, the fair-weather hoomans come out in droves!IMG_7983 Is there a party we have been invited to?IMG_7985People, people everywhere with lots of tempting picnics, IMG_7993 including ourselves.   Our friend Fred, the miniature schnauzer from Marlow, came to London with his family, and they too thought it would be a fun thing to do …IMG_7973Except our hoomans did not have much peace as we kept butting our noses into their food.IMG_7971And George took a bite out of Jane’s sandwich!  That streak of street dog speed still has not left him.

But why were they eating at ground level which is our territory.

The multitudes even took over the waters …IMG_7987Where there were usually swans that hiss at us when we walk past the Serpentine Lake, the lake was populated with blue paddling boats and no wildlife in sight!IMG_7982Come back swans – we miss you!

As the grassy lawns of Kensington Gardens were invaded by fair-weather hoomans IMG_7994With tempting picnics strewn all over including litter and overflowing rubbish bins – Mummy did not allow us to run like we always do …IMG_7990She didn’t trust us not to go scavenging. There are pluses and minuses even on a beautiful sunny Sunday.

Bring back the wet and wintry weather!  We want our parks back – because only the diehards like us uses the parks rain or shine.

May’s comment:  Beautiful weekend weather and everyone had the same idea of picnic in the park! Must remember that the next time. By day’s end, the park was littered with rubbish, the bins were overflowing and cyclists don’t seem to be able to read “No Cycling” signage.

The lesson – when the weekend weather is glorious in London, avoid the parks around lunch time!  Too many people sitting around for them to run freely, too many picnics to tempt them and too many dogs – big and small, usually not a problem but if three German Shepherds arrive on the scene, Darcy starts to bark at them and even though she will lower it to a growl because I tell her to stop barking, George on the hand starts a racket that cannot be stopped. He becomes so angry that no one can stop him. I don’t think he even knows why he is barking. Maybe because Darcy had told him what happened to her once upon a time. So now he thinks its his duty to protect her. When he was barking his head off today, Darcy tried to stop him and he got made at Darcy! What was that all about?

Anyway, must remember, to enjoy beautiful weekend weather with dogs in park – go early, enjoy the quiet before the crowds arrive. The dogs will be less stressed. And I will be less stressed.


  1. Jill Keiser

    I’ve never seen such a crowd of people at a park unless there was going to be a concert, but it was a beautiful day! Going to the park early in day will be a better plan for sure. May — I ordered a DNA test for my dog, Gina. Can’t wait to see what breeds the tests come up with!

  2. Julia

    It’s the same scenario everywhere. Lots of tempting picnic leftovers too! Early and late walks in the hot weather and try to avoid the joggers!! No idea why Harry loves to chase them especially if they’re wearing neon clothing. ? X

  3. Jill Keiser

    I think that my little Gina is mostly part dachshund and part Stafford Bull Terrier, but we will see what the DNA testers say. She is a little girl, around 22 lbs, long, short, and crazy. Wish I could send you a picture!

  4. Rita and Gracie (springador)

    Jill you could possibly send May a picture of Gine to her fb page or in fb messenger. ..just a thought.xx

  5. Margaret Danks

    So much space, not so many hoomans in the New Forest MissD. New forest hotels do dog friendly. Beaulieu Road Hotel is right next to the train station, and you can get the train from London straight into the station (40 yard walk) I’ll happily lend you my car so you can explore the beautiful New Forest.

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