Weighing in …

At 9.50kg! Phew! No dieting required.

Had to get my second Nobivac jab. IMG_8017Totally distracted by treats.

All sorted till next year.

But Mummy had a concern …IMG_8014May’s comment:  Darcy doesn’t pee a whole lot. Ever since we switched to raw feeding, she doesn’t drink a lot either.  Maybe coupled with a very warm weekend, she hardly pee’d the last two days and if she did, it was very little. Concerned, I asked the vet and he basically said that if she is trying to pee but nothing comes out or if peeing blood then it it should be checked.  But to keep an eye on her over the next few days. If it continues, will have to check that there are no kidney stones!!!!  Every little bit about them worries me … I hope it’s just that she hadn’t drank enough during the last two hot days.

Has anyone’s pooch had the same problem?


  1. Christine

    Hi May, my two are raw fed and they do not drink a lot of water, and they do not pee as much as when they had dry food. Hope you have nothing to worry about with Darcy.

  2. I find with Bobs and Yogi, also both raw fed, they hardly drink even in this weather. Even when they have been running on the park and I offer them water when they go back in the car they dont seem bothered.

    I think they must get a fair bit of fluid from the meat, and the fact it has been frozen too.

    As for peeing, they do a fair bit of leg cocking but most off it is just letting other dogs know this is their patch so behave 🙂

  3. Jill Keiser

    Hope it is a raw food thing! As a person with regular kidney stones, I don’t wish them on dogs for sure!

  4. Margaret Danks

    Maggiedog, also raw fed, doesn’t pee much. Hopefully it’s nothing to worry about.

  5. Miss Darcy

    She doesn’t pee a lot to begin, but since yesterday after we came home form the park at about 4pm, she didn’t pee till this morning – she pee’d once as usual but only a small puddle. And then she squatted again two other times but just drops. That was this morning and she hasn’t pee’d since – it’s 8pm now. Just worried.

  6. Julie Bedford

    My Oscar can be a terror for not drinking enough water sometimes. We always have a squirty bottle when out on long walks as he wont always drink out of a bowl. One thing we did find after he had his cruciate ligament op last year, and wasn’t drinking enough water, is that he loves milk mixed with water. He has a cast iron stomach so is not sensitive to milk. It might be worth trying if she isn’t drinking enough. Oscar has become a bit of a milk addict now though. If we ever have a pot of tea and jug of milk, he begs for the milk, as well as any food going with it. Really hope Darcy is OK and it’s just a one off. Keep us posted on how she is x

  7. Elizabeth Burman

    Do hope Miss D is OK, Elsie (Spoodle) isn’t a big drinker even in the hot weather, and only pees two to three times a day. She has a diet of raw and tinned food (not both on the same day) and a very small amount of kibble (about a third of a cup) just as a bit of a morning snack really. I also worry about her, she only has to seem a bit quiet and I wonder if I should whip her to the vet. It’s what we get for loving our pooches.

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