Super duper Rockster treatster!

We were at the Doggy Style Market on Saturday when I came across a familiar face – its Rockster!

A lot has happened since we first met a few years back. I now have George and he has Heartster!

AND their mum told me, there’s a new treat in town!

It’s the Bouef du Cap Super Treats!  They asked if I could take a photo with it …

It was the best photo shoot ever! They left the tin open for me to help myself to the treats!

Can you believe it? I had the whole tin to try out! I gave my seal of approval!

May’s comment:  Have known Rockster super foods since they began. Now they have a limited edition of their Super Treat for Christmas.

And I got two tins all for myself!

The Super Treats are single protein air-dried complementary food for dogs made with 82% human grade bio-organic beef, free from any exposure to chemicals, antibiotics, growth hormones or steroids. Enhanced with a specific formulation of nutrient rich bio-organic superfoods, including quinoa, pumpkin, spirulina algae and fermented Jerusalem artichoke concentrate to aid digestion and nutrient absorption. The multiple benefits of spirulina algae, quinoa and foods rich in beta-carotene include a healthy immune system and being beneficial for eyesight.

George!!!! Are you stealing my treats?


  1. Jill Keiser

    I was always impressed with Rockster foods when you featured them before. Just sad they weren’t available in North Carolina.

    • Dear Jill,
      Rockster will now be available in North Carolina from April!!!
      I really hope that your dogs loves it and please feel free to email me on to help find your nearest stockist! Alternatively if you have a local pet store we can put them in touch with Phillips Pet who is distributing Rockster!
      Very best wishes,

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