Ghost of Christmas

Christmas came early for Ghost.

If you remember we told you the story about Ghost – an Indian stray puppy who was found on a road in agonizing pain by some kind passerby. She was barely 2 months old and had been run over by a motorbike, which left her with multiple fractures and ripped the skin off her foot.

Thanks to the Good Samaritan, Ghost was taken to Peepal Farm, where the veterinary team performed emergency treatment on her. Without this timely treatment, she would have died on the streets.

Ghost has spent over 3 months recovering at the farm,

and she has grown into an incredibly loving and friendly girl. 

And the good news is that Ghost has found a wonderful family in the UK who would like to adopt her.

Jyothika and Iker.

Jyothika, originally from Mumbai, India and her husband Iker are both researchers who work at the University of Nottingham.  Jyothika’s family have always rescued dogs in India and they wanted to continue to do the same.  However, they could not bring Ghost home till she has passed her rabies test – and thus the long wait

And today, they have received the best news yet. The vet just emailed to say that they have now received a soft copy of the blood test report and Ghost passed the test.  Yay! 

And now the process to bring Ghost home properly begins.  Christmas came early for Ghost – and if all things work according to plan, Ghost could be in the UK at the end of February.  She may miss Valentine’s Day too but she will definitely be most loved. And we can’t wait to meet her.

May’s comment: We’ve been helping Jyothika and Iker raise funds to bring Ghost home.  

They have now received a quote for flying her over as cargo to the UK, and the total comes up to around £2700 mostly because laws in India have changed and there is a massive 18% tax on many services.

They are exploring the possibility of flying her to Paris or Amsterdam with a flight volunteer and picking her up from there.  Or taking the ferry from Amsterdam to Nottingham.

If anyone has any suggestions, we would love to hear about them.  Or if you can help make Jyothika and Iker’s Christmas wish come true, let’s help them towards making it all possible for Ghost to fly back quickest and easiest.  

You know every bit counts.  If every one of our friends/readers donated £1 – we will easily surpass the amount of £2,700 they need to get Ghost to the U.K.

We often get requests to review products or feature articles pertaining to causes. We don’t always oblige or this would look like a product advertising site. Besides our own adventures, we write things that we believe in, that touches us and are meaningful.  And we fell in love with Ghost. 

Her ears remind me of Lucky! LOL!

PLEASE click on the link below and donate whatever you want to give towards this cause –

We thank you in advance for your contribution – and we look forward to welcoming Ghost to his forever home in the U.K.

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  1. Margaret Danks

    I’ll put a small something in the pot May. ?❤️ Ghost has such a beautiful little face.

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