Surprise! And then SURPRISE! SURPRISE!

Mummy and Impostor have left us for a week to visit Little Tyke and Mini Tyke – and their new puppies in Ko Samui.

It was going to be a surprise for them but when Mummy arrived, everyone, including Mummy had a surprise.  Little Tyke and Mini Tyke were happy to see “Aunty May” AND “Aunty May” in turn was totally surprised to find there were also two puppies in the car!!!!

She squealed with delight!

For the rest of the day, I think Mummy was mesmerised by the puppies. She sure took lots of photos of them playing …Walking along the poolWalking all over the pool side furniture. No, they didn’t destroy the umbrellas.  There had been a thunderstorm so the umbrellas were folded and laid flat.They seem to have taken to the coffee table – think because it’s cool with the rain water on it.And there they sat for a long while …And then said good night as they went downstairs to their playground and the hoomans went out for dinner.And no, they didn’t get to sleep with Mummy either.  They’re not yet 3 months old and still being toilet trained!

May’s comment: What a lovely surprise to be greeted by the four loves of Ko Samui!

My visit was going to be a surprise for the kids – had it planned that they would come to meet me at the airport. But I thought it was odd that they were waiting for me in the car instead of meeting me at arrivals. I wanted my “Aunty May” moment but they saw me from the car window and yelled.  And when they pulled up to arrivals, I couldn’t wait to see the kiddies but when the door and there were not only Sasha and Skye but also their two puppies!!!!I think I frightened the puppies with my squeals of delight – they were cowering behind the kids!!!

Till I get to know them better, in the meantime, meet Lucky in his blue Hindquarters collarAnd Polo has hers in pink.So much more to say about these 3 month old puppies – who we think are golden retriever crosses.  Their mother was a golden retriever stray and arrived at her “home” pregnant. And she gave birth to six golden and one black puppies.

We’re just getting to know each other. But Impostor, made the trip and might be her last journey – and she has met them! LOL!

Impostor is almost true to size and these not yet three-month old are as tall as she is and heavier!!!Sasha and Lucky, Me and Impostor, Skye and Polo.

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