Is that her plane?

Planes fly over London all the time and I keep watching them coming and going in the skies above us – thinking any minute now Mummy will be home. I’m still waiting…

When we go out for Walkies with Joanna, I am always scanning the roads to find Mummy. I stop and ponder – wonder where she has gone.But when I am in the park, I forget for a moment that Mummy’s not here. That’s because in the park is  where I run and play with crazy George!

And then I stop and wonder when we will go home – just in case Mummy’s there waiting for us. Can we go home now?And what about George?” I hear you ask.  Answer: Whatever makes him happy!

He does his usual bedtime play with Joanna –

getting her to chase him with a toy in his mouth.

Let’s just say he’s so much more adaptable than I am!

May’s comment: As Joanna wrote in an exchange of text messages: “She will be always looking for you.”

The week-long trip was too short to send them to the House of Mutt.  And the day of travel meant we would be apart even longer as they do not pick-up or drop off on weekends. This was the best option this time, i.e. for someone we know and trust to stay home with them. But from past experiences, I knew what Darcy’s reaction would be: familiar surroundings meant she would be wondering where I am in the landscape of activities.  Sure enough, she’s been looking for me every time they’ve been out and then she wants to hurry home when she’s done – no time for walks just in case I have arrived home.

That said, the both of them still do the “Happy Dance” – the I’m happy to be home jig!

They both cuddle up to Joanna on her twin bed every night – LOL! And there’s definitely no loss of appetite! Not suffering in any way! She just misses me. :). Good to know, you aloof one – that you really do rather love me. 🙂


  1. Liz Burman

    Oh sweetheart, I know an hour is like a day and a day like a year in doggy time, but mummy will be home soon.??

  2. Kathy

    They are in good hands but there is no one like mummy. Hope you are having a wonderful time May!

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