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Tears and Rain

It seems so apt that it should rain all day today – the kind of rain that never seem to want to stop.  Like the pain in the hearts of those whose lives have been affected in some way from last night’s attacks in Paris. Read more…

If only we can turn back time …

Marley left us suddenly a week ago in a tragic road accident.

If only we can turn back time and change the course of events – but helplessly we can’t.

And helplessly, we felt his mummy’s deep, deep unbearable heartache of losing her Marley.

It doesn’t seem right, it doesn’t seem fair.  It was an accident but one that took away a life – and no love can ever bring back.

Through all this raw pain, we felt this beautiful thing called love – Deb’s burning love for Marley Moo.

We did not know Marley – but like so many others, the news brought us alongside his mummy, Deb and her family – in grief.
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