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A quick bite at a few restaurants in Stockholm

Will you travel to Stockholm?

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You are my Happy!

It’s been two and a half years ago since our friend Dasha Hugg made this video for us. It seems like so much time had passed. Read more…


Our Happy Cockapoo video was one of the winners of Honey’s Real Dog Food competition! Hooray!

May’s comment: Thank you, Dasha for making such a fun, fun, fun movie of us happy cockapoos!

HWHNN will be honorary guest at Hyde Park Meet-up this Sunday

HWHNN will be joining us at our Cockapoo Meet in Hyde Park this Sunday! Read more…

HAPPY Cockapoos

Pharrell Williams’ “HAPPY” has made us all smile. It made us cockapoos smile too!

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HAPPY Dogs and Cat

Happy Bank Holiday!