A quick bite at a few restaurants in Stockholm

Will you travel to Stockholm?

With that Mum jumped at the opportunity to re-visit Stockholm, especially when it was a question from a Cockapoo Sverige member.

The last time we visited Stockholm was about five years ago, i.e. pre-George. (Sights & Sounds of Stockholm) We had met up with my best girlfriend, Zavia and was in search of other cockapoos. We managed to meet only one other, Soya. Mum was really disappointed. So when Maud messaged Mum and suggested that she visit – the wheels started churning. After a slight delay due to logistics of some related matter (not Brexit), we began our journey, via Brussels.

After a long journey, we arrived in Stockholm last Friday evening –

Mum, who are we meeting? Will we see Zavia?

Mum didn’t know that we had to declare my presence upon arrival in Sweden – so we were asked to go back to check that I have a chip and my Passport was all up to date. And then she asked the Customs lady to take our photo at this signage LOL!

If not for the Swedes, how would we be communicating today!?!?!?

As we entered the arrival hall, we knew immediately who our hosts were. There amongst the crowd were Maud with Honey and Madelene with Happy.

A splendid evening

We had a lovely evening together getting to know each other. I am the oldest. Meet little Happy and slightly bigger but younger, Honey!

We brought them gifts from Love My Human bandanas that says Fur Baby on them!

I think I am a very good guest. I like to help out in the kitchen …

Anything I can do to help?

Madelene was serving up dinner. Ahhhh! Raw meat – missing them greatly.

We are eating BARF meat balls.
This is the brand that Happy is sharing with me.
We’re ready but we have all to line up – the usual hooman demand!

After our supper, we had our “dessert” …

After a lovely evening of getting to know each other, it was time for bed – it had been a long day for us. Our journey began at 3.30am. The next morning Happy wanted to show me the view from their balcony.

There sure is a lot of water …

We had the morning free and went to meet Catarina in town. There are several ways to get into the city centre and we chose the ferry crossing.

We looked into this furniture shop which was not yet open whilst waiting for the ferry

This is a strange way to get into the shop.

But a fab way to look inside.

Soon the ferry arrived …

There are designated areas where we should sit.

In the centre

It didn’t take long at all before we were right in the centre of town and met Catarina. And there across the road was the Dramatic Theatre in all its splendour.

Had to take a photo with Johann August Strindberg – a Swedish playwright, novelist, poet, essayist and painter.

And around the corner is the statue of Margaretha Krook, an actress who performed regularly at the theatre. Though she stands out in the cold, she is always warm to the touch.

Thus her well-rubbed tummy! LOL!

Mum needed an adapter for her iPad and we went to this fab electronic store – and there I had the fright of my life. I saw the biggest black dog I have seen to date.

Of course I barked and he wasn’t;t in the least impressed.

But I was not so afraid of this one – a statue greeted us at Svenskt Tenn – a Swedish interior design store.

Lovely fabrics with colourful floral prints

And amidst all the florals, we found this cushion that says it all.

The tea room was so lovely we had to stop for some tea and scones!!!!

But Mum is on her Matcha binge – no Earl Grey for her this time.

It seems like we’re eating the whole day. I think it was more the matter that Mum wanted to find dog-friendly places. And we sure did.

Milles is the name of the restaurant.
Others were waiting as well.

Thanks to the very kind staff we managed to secure a table for an hour despite their full lunch booking.

A really charming place.

After lunch it was time to work out – and we went to meet Maud and Honey for a meet-up with cockapoos of Stockholm!

And out came the Equafleece!

But we will write more about that tomorrow.

After a long walk and meet-up, we returned to Happy’s place to rest before we took another ferry to dinner. Sometimes on the ferries, other hoomans decided they will sit in our designated area so we have no choice but to sit where there are places.

Into Old Town

We got off near the amusement park and walked through the old part of Stockholm – that had all these old buildings.

We had dinner at Skrutel

Faith, Hope and Love

I think we took all the different means of transportation. After dinner, the ferry wasn’t running any more so we took the tram,

walked along the streets of the city …

To the tube

And then a bus before we finally got off to walk home.

Oh look Mum! Some ice blocks fell off the edge of the hillside!!!!
Finally we were on our way home – me and my Happy buddy.

We had a really lovely visit and made new friends. We hope they will return the visit to London. I wonder how our eateries will compare to the restaurants in Stockholm.

This is a warning: If you really don’t mean it, never invite us to visit because all Mum needs is to put a thought in her head and she will be packing her bags.

May’s comment:

For me, the last eight years have been a whole new world. As dog owners we often meet people – through our dogs. And my community of friends have grown extensively through Darcy and George, helped greatly by the blog. We’ve had our readers visit from near and far and we have in turn visited them. I have been following the Cockapoo Sverige Facebook Page for years and was so pleased when someone reached out.

Also, interesting to note that I had completely forgotten visiting Catarina in Sweden prior to having Darcy. I think I re-started my life again when Darcy arrived, and when I accepted her as mine. And a lot of the places we travel to have memories from pre-Darcy and since then I have been purposefully re-visiting them to create new memories.


  1. Maureen Dell

    The pics are amazing, love the different modes of transport to get about. How lovely that you made the journey to visit, very special memories to be made. Darcy, you have an amazing Mom. Enjoy every minute. X

  2. Anne Mckinkey

    Lovely photographs of a beautiful city and your descriptions are wonderful. Can’t wait for the next story?

  3. Madelene Åkerfelt

    So nice to have you here Darcy and your mum May! You are always welcome to our home!
    Happy (and mum Madelene)

  4. Belinda & Freddie

    Looks amazing … just love travelling virtually with you Miss D & May !

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