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Just reminded us of George

We watch a lot of Hope for Paws videos but this one – the little stray dog looked just like George!

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It’s not everyday you meet a hero

Yesterday we met Eldad – this is the man behind the voice on the “Hope for Paws” videos that many of us have seen. Read more…

Tissues please!

This one requires tissues immediately! You know you will tear up – like Mummy.

The minute she saw little Fiona, she was crying.  But what a happy ending!

Thank you all your wonderful humans who help out those of us less fortunate and in dire need.

May’s comment: How can anyone just abandon a little pooch, left to die.  Thank you Hope for Paws. Bless you!

Left to Die

OK! Mummy was upset again last night. Speaking of humans being treated like dogs, well she saw a really sad video about a dog left to die in a heap of trash. Read more…