It’s not everyday you meet a hero

Yesterday we met Eldad – this is the man behind the voice on the “Hope for Paws” videos that many of us have seen.

When we heard that he was going to be in London on a short layover, we had to go and meet him.IMG_9919We were very honoured to spend some time with Eldad
IMG_9920 He took pictures of usIMG_9921 IMG_9922 Georgie said, “Thank you Eldad!”IMG_9923 For saving the lives of so many strays IMG_9925from the streets, rubbish dumps, in the canals of Los AngelesIMG_9926 This is the photo Eldad took of George – our own little rescue from Hungary.IMG_9932And this is the selfie we took together.IMG_9931

May’s comment: We support their work in a small manner. But it’s the many who give that helps this dog rescue in Los Angeles save the thousands of strays that roam the streets every day.

The videos from Hope for Paws are bound to make you cry – if you ever needed to clear your sinuses, tune in to them on YouTube but the stories of these four-legged friends are heartbreaking. The good news is that there are people like Eldad who are helping the ones who have often been left in dumps, thrown into a river or just fighting for their own survival on the streets of LA.

These videos give a glimpse into the lives of strays – how frightened and how hungry they are. Whenever I watch them, I just want to give Georgie a big hug to let him know he is forever safe now.

Eldad is at the Marriott Hotel near Heathrow and he’ll be there till Friday morning when he leaves to go back to L.A. He is happy to meet up with anyone who wants to drop by to say hello!IMG_9917We couldn’t stay long as the Marriott is not dog-friendly.  While their staff at the front were amazing, senior management soon came along and told us we are not allowed inside. We went outside to continue chatting for awhile. But thankful to have met such an inspiring and giving person.

So the next time, and we hope it’s true that Eldad will be back in Europe in June, we will organise an event in London in one of the many dog-friendly places we know.


  1. Our George loves rescuers 😉 xx

  2. Laura Cordovano

    I just love that you guys went out there to meet him. Fun that he was in London and planning another trip there in June! ???

  3. Jocelyn

    Lucca and I look forward to joining you in June X

  4. Mary Thompson

    well glad to know that the Marriot is not dog friendly will never stay in one of thier hotels if thats the case.

  5. Petit

    c’est un homme merveilleux c’est génial d’avoir pu le rencontrer Merci a lui pour tous les animaux qu’il a sauvé RESPECT !

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