The Wheels On The Nineteen 87 Bus …

We were invited to tea on a London bus by Nineteen 87 – to celebrate their collaboration with the amazing Great Ormond Street Hospital.

The day started off across the street from the hospital for a meet and was greeted by this little guy – does he not look like George? Just bigger.We soon alighted the Nineteen 87 bus (Photo by Eva Thompson)

We were excited (Photo by Eva Thompson)

but I think the hoomans were even more so! 🙂It was so pretty inside with fairy lightsLook at all those yummy pastries, Rusty!But where’s Barnaby?
The bus is leaving and my other date isn’t on board.Oh look! There he is – with Julie!Now we’re all here – phew!I can now relax – both my beau are on board.After driving through parts of London we arrived at Regent’s Park –To stretch our legs and do our business as required as we made our way to the Smokehouse Inn – We met Graham Wheeler – the founder of Nineteen 87  He told the hoomans all about baking the food – the best way to contain the nutrients.  Mummy found it interesting as we are still on the hunt for food to take with us on our upcoming trip.

While all this was going on – we created a lot of commotion as this huge beast of a dog turned up! A Leonberger!  They scare me – and always had.

We then headed back to the bus – still raining.By then, I was looking a bit bedraggled!(Photo by Eva Thompson)

Ho hum!

Onwards to the next stop – lunch!!!(Photo by Eva Thompson)

Bye Bus! It was so fun riding with you.(Photo by Eva Thompson)

We may have lived in London almost all our lives but we never tire of the city!

And we left with a goodie bag of Nineteen 87 food and some treats!May’s comment: Thank you Nineteen 87 for an informative and fun bus tour.  It was really magical and Christmassy. Even the rain did not dampen our spirits.

We’re trying this as an alternative to our travel food.Nineteen 87 is a dog product primarily concerned with the nutrition and quality of its ingredients, production and transportation. Its raw materials are reliably sourced and transferred from the farm to the bowl with as little in-between fuss as possible. The food is created through continuous baking, a technique heralded as the purest cooking process available for pet food, and as a result of such is sure to set your doggy’s tail wagging whilst keeping the grumbles out of his tummy and his health happy.

Why the name?

The man behind the movement is none other than Graham Wheeler, a real-life Willy Wonka for pets having honed his knowledge since entering the industry in, you guessed it, 1987. Graham has led the front in developing the best quality baked treats near his home in north Wales and now, in Nineteen 87,  Graham has developed a taste sensation that dogs are already desperate for more of after a few lucky dogs got first paws on them at the launch in London in September.

How does it work?

Graham has always supported traditional baking methods that utilises the Maillard process to create an additional crunch and gives the browning colouring and in order to allow for increased volumes, his team will use tray ovens for Nineteen 87. These are slowly baked on a conveyor on multiple levels in the oven expose the food to gas fire burners and hot air in order to maximise the product’s exposure to heat whilst controlling the pressure. Graham explains that manufacturers who cook under pressure “have to add artificial flavouring and additives to the food which often comes from meat products broken down by enzymes. With baking, all of this is avoided. Natural flavours and textures are embraced from the beginning, and preservatives are only added due to natural moisture levels.” Basically, baking keeps the food fresh, fluffy and free of naughty nasties!

What is in it?

According to Wheeler, a product is only as good as what goes into it, and with their roughly 1,700 taste buds we’re sure the pups agree. By knowing which farms the ingredients come from and tracing every step, Graham is confident in their quality and provenance. It also means the chain is short and so freshness adds to the quality. With 50% fresh meat, limited core ingredients and plenty of botanicals and natural goodness, Nineteen 87 is a complete food that delivers all a dog needs.


  1. Rusty and Martine

    We lived it! Xxx

  2. Julie James

    A fun trip despite the rain! ?

  3. Steph and The Spaniels

    We went on the afternoon trip and loved it, such a great idea and loved learning about the food! xx

    Love From, Steph & The Spaniels

  4. Thank you for crediting our photos !!! <3 was so lovely to meet you!

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