Much Loved Teddies

These are two very special teddies.

The one on the left is the teddy that Mummy gave Benedetta when she was born. And the one on the right is my teddy that Mummy gave me when I came home to her.

They are both treasured companions. This is Benedetta with her teddy and me with mine.IMG_2239Mummy believes that every child should have their own teddy. She had one when she was growing up.  So for every friend’s new-born baby – she always gave them a teddy. And she knows at least three of those children even though some of them are all grown up now, they still have their teddies.  And I will always have mine even though it’s hands are a little chewed.

But these days Mummy also thinks a dog is a good idea! 🙂  But she isn’t exactly giving one to every child – not yet!

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