Love lost

Do you remember Teddy, my most favourite toy?  He had to go for a heart transplant.It was one of the first toys Mummy bought me. She brought to back from New York the first time she was away from me.

I loved to nibble gently on Teddy’s hands.Sometimes I take him with me on walks That is if she didn’t notice I had Teddy in my mouthBut if she did, she took it from me and would leave it on the ledge by the front door.I protected Teddy from George and from CharlieBut when he was with us last summer, he took Teddy.And he tore his heart out! And slowly he was getting gutted.When Aunty Jane heard of Teddy’s fate, she offered to sew him back up. Now Aunty Jane wasn’t just anyone who can sew things. She has won awards for her sewing!  We knew Teddy was getting a makeover. So we were excited when she told us that Teddy was ready to be reintroduced.

Aunty Jane came to London to bring the new Teddy home.So here’s Teddy – revamped!She had to do some skin grafting from his body to reshape Teddy’s paws. She then gave Teddy a permanent jacket – a very smart one with gold buttons!

So Teddy finally came home – looking all smart.Except in the interim, Mummy thought I needed another “Teddy” and I have become quite used to Brownie. Now, what do I do? Which do I play with? I now have two Teddies!

May’s comment: Honestly, I think I have more attachment to Teddy than Darcy. LOL! I loved how she chose this one toy and it was hers.

She would always looked in distress when another dog played with it. If Charlie or George played with it, she looked dismayed, turned to me with pleading eyes, asking me to retrieve Teddy back from those offenders. And I would. However, when I handed it back to her, she didn’t really play with it, she just didn’t want anyone to have it. 🙂

I think there a bit of love lost between Darcy and Teddy. Sadly, I think she has forgotten him or maybe she’s annoyed that he has been away from her. Besides she has Brownie who filled in while Teddy was away. Regardless, Teddy lives – he has been resurrected.

Look at Teddy just before he was handed over to Jane …Look at Teddy today!A skin graft from Teddy’s body was required to make up his hands. And he now has a heart instead of a patch over it. And a smart jacket with gold buttons! Thank you Jane. I LOVE it! And I am sure in time, Darcy will love it again too. 🙂

We met up with Jane and Niki at Il Barretto, a modern trattoria in Marylebone. It’s main restaurant is in the basement area but dogs are allowed at the banquettes on the ground floor.  Located at 43 Blandford St, Marylebone, London W1U 7HF


  1. Elizabeth Burman

    Love the Teddy bear movie.😂🐻

  2. They love their first toy My Mim had her beloved teddy from day one till at 12 she left for the Rainbow Bridge
    Now Teddy sits proudly in my bedroom wearing Mims collar and her ID
    Bless our precious babies 🙏🏻😘

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