How many dogs can you seat at a table?

At Lucio Ristorante on Fulham Road, London – we are usually greeted by Coco, the cockapoo and Mila, the miniature poodle.So when “Darnaby” made an appearance at Lucio’s – there was great excitement! Barking and tail wagging and jumping around. Surely, there was need to take a group photo.C’mon guys, SIT!Mila, stop kissing Coco – Barnaby and I are waitingCoco, can you look at the camera?Those two sure do not have the posing skills like Barnaby and I do  – LOL!They jumped off before Mummy managed a group photo.

They were told to get back up on the sofa.It was hopeless!Coco decided to lay down and Mila could not stop moving.Me and Barnaby wondered when this whole calamity was going to be over.

Well, maybe we’ll do one of Barnaby and his “Mini Me”!Well done, Coco.Can we get off now?Phew! Let me go and do something more interesting – like find the kitchen!Oops! Not where I was wanted.

Well, actually, I was heading towards our usual table …Are we having our own table, Barnaby?

Nope! We’re sharing a table.And now Coco wants to join us.Uh-oh! Here comes trouble maker Mila!We asked Dario (Coco’s daddy) and Mirko (Coco and Milo’s Uncle) to sit with us – so they could hold the two squirmies!Finally! We have a group photo!

Now, time to eat – for the hoomans.

Oh, how pretty is that?
Calamari swimming in green soup! Hmmm.And that something sticking out of your Tagliatella Ragu Bolognese –Can I have it?I didn’t think so.

Anyway, Darnaby’s lunch date wasn’t without incident.  Barnaby didn’t like the owner, Lucio very much. We were not sure why. He growled at him and barked!!! Not a good idea, Barnaby – it is his restaurant you’re at. But Lucio wasn’t going to give up on him. As we were leaving, Lucio tried to win Barnaby over.He was giving him treats. He said, “Sit!”And Coco and I sat – as told!

Lucio said, “Down!”Both Coco and I went down … but we didn’t get any treats!!! Darn! Sometimes it doesn’t pay to be good.

May’s comment: Lucio had always been a favourite of ours. Several years ago, Darcy and I were walking along Fulham Road on a very hot summer’s day. She was looking hot, I suppose. Lucio saw us walking past and invited us in so Darcy could have a drink of water. Surprised, I asked if dogs were allowed. I had always walked past thinking it was a white table-cloth restaurant – surely not. But it was! And since then, their son, Dario got a cockapoo. And after that they got a miniature poodle. And they are both often seen at the restaurant – sitting on the sofa, greeting guests and barking at other dogs!

Barnaby was unsure about Lucio for probably the same reason as when we were at Locanda Locatelli – he growled at Giorgio. We’re not sure if it’s because they were both authoritative figures or that they both had a head of grey hair.  Or was he protecting his mummy? Let’s hope we figure that one out soon!

Lucio is at 257-259 Fulham Rd, Chelsea, London SW3 6HY – super family that runs the restaurant and really fab restaurant!

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  1. Alison

    Great to see so many dog friendly restaurants in London

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