There’s a genie in that bottle

You know this hallway rug in our home? IMG_9838Well, one day very early on when I used to inhale my food in three seconds, I would get sick either in the mornings or late at night. One morning, I regurgitated the entire meal – with the compliments of some brown sauce. Well, it stained the rug. Oops!

Mummy managed to clean it up quite well and unless you’re eagle-eyed like her or has OCD, you wouldn’t notice it, but she did.

Ever since she got her Dyson V6 animal, she’s been in a cleaning mood, and maybe it’s also the new year. She found this can of Oxy Pro Pet in her cleaning cupboard! And she wondered why she had never used it before! If unfortunately you don’t have products that pack quite as much of a punch, you could look into professional cleaning services such as these that offer 30KM coverage around Auckland by Cleaning PRO.IMG_9844So she decided to give that mild stain a go – and voila! Almost a year later, that stain came off slowly. It took her three tries to get it off but now, it’s gone. MAGIC! It is pretty great but if you were deciding to change up your home decor anyway with a new carpet, similar to what you could find at Carpet Now ( for example, getting a stain on your carpet can ruin the flow of your lovely room.

I was pretty relieved that it’s gone! Phew or forever she will remember I puked on her rug.IMG_9837But I spoke too soon. I got sick again last night! And unlike my well-trained, equally OCD sister, Miss D, I don’t know yet to be sick in the bathroom. I threw up on the bedroom carpet!IMG_9846The can of spray was already out and Mummy attacked the stain immediately.IMG_9847But I felt bad and went to hide in the corner.IMG_9849Thankfully that MAGIC worked and Mummy wasn’t mad. IMG_9854Maybe just exasperated! LOL!

May I now come up to bed?IMG_9850May’s comment: I had bought OxyPro Pet awhile back at my local hardware store that sells everything you can think of!

But I have been using Simple Solution for stain & odour remover for George’s puke and visiting dogs who are not toilet trained. I’ve tried using it on the rug right after George was sick on it. It did not completely remove the stain. Also tried carpet cleaning products but the stain persisted albeit a shade of grey in the corner of the runner. This was a year ago when George was still settling in. I had given up on it and accepted that’s how life is with dogs.

Then voila! I was looking in the cleaning cupboard and wondered what this OxyPro Pet was and read the instructions. Worth giving it a try and it worked! It took three sprays to totally eliminate this old stain. But after the first time, I could see the stain was coming off.

So happy! Little things mean a lot. And maybe this is a sign of things to come – cleaning out the stains of the past and starting clean for he new year!


  1. Jocelyn

    Will buy a bottle immediately..just in case..good to know X

  2. Jill Keiser

    Hope this product is available locally in NC, but you can get anything on Amazon! It sounds like a super product. I have three dogs and one cat. I can use it for sure! Jill

  3. Alison

    Great tip thanks May and George! Out to get some this afternoon! I’ve play dough on a rug that’s persistently refused to come out, I will try it on that too!

  4. Sarah

    Not sure George looks particularly sorry…

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