Pillars of fabric, parrots, curious dogs – an unusual outing

It’s me, George! Today’s my day with Mummy and we had a rather unusual series of events.IMG_8622 First we went to a place where they had pillars of fabric. Mummy was a little nervous that I would pee on them – and she’s right, I probably would have if she didn’t carry me.  Too tempting!IMG_8624We took a bus back to Kensington and as we were walking along the street, we saw these two feathered creatures who were the same colour as my coat!
IMG_8657 Look at those scary beaks – can do some damage to my coat if they wanted to.IMG_8662 I wanted to have a closer lookIMG_8661 But Mummy was more nervous than I was! LOL!IMG_8658 After our brief encounter, we went to The Conran Shop to look at the Sales, but we stopped to have lunch at the Bibendum RestaurantIMG_8666 There I met Tiger who is supposedly a Pomeranian and Buttercup who is a Jack Russell/Beagle mix.IMG_8669 They were lunching with their mummy as well. IMG_8684 Final stop for the day – The Chelsea Natural Health store. We always sit by the door to wait for Mummy even though there’s a sign that says –IMG_8687NO DOGS PLEASE – but the sign is at our eye-level but not human level. So maybe Mummy never saw it and we can’t read, right? 😉

All in all an interesting day.

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