Thankful for a fateful meeting

On this day of Thanksgiving in America, Mummy was thinking back to a fateful meeting back in April 2011.  She had often thought back to the day’s event.  She was at The Olive Branch in the pretty village of Clipsham, Rutland with a friend. 

Banner-OB-3-580x223It was a beautiful Spring Day.  The restaurant was full so she and her friend Richard sat in the garden for lunch.DSC01166Mummy remembered there were two little girls playing with their black puppy in the garden.  It was a very warm Spring day and Richard had gone to ask if he could borrow their bowl to give water to Polly, his big black Labrador.

Mummy was at that time thinking about getting a dog. She had no idea how one goes about it.  As they sat talking, the girls’ mother who was then leaving stopped to say hello.  She mentioned that they were from London but was in Lincolnshire to pick up a new SUV.  She spoke about their dog – a cockapoo. (Mummy couldn’t remember how it came up but she sort of understands now that she has me – that’s all she ever talks about!)

At which point, Richard mentioned that Mummy who also lived in London was looking for a dog. The lady said emphatically that she must get a cockapoo – they are the best dogs for London living.

Why? asked Mummy. To which the lady replied – they are a good size, they don’t moult and they hardly bark.

Mummy’s ears perked up and thought – sounds like the kind of dog for her.  The lady said she had done all the research.  She got their puppy from Wales and told Mummy to check them out.

After lunch, Mummy went straight onto the breeder’s website where she saw both my brothers and me. We were of the colour that were pleasing to her – good!  She did tell me she had wanted a Mister Darcy in her life, so I was not her first choice but both my brothers were being considered. Thankfully, Richard convinced her she should get a girl.  Mummy reckoned she can still call me Darcy – just that I would be Miss Darcy.  And that was how I came into her life.

I know Mummy wishes she should locate that kind lady who introduced her to the world of cockapoos – to thank her. And me too – I would give her a lot of licks to say thank you.

May’s comment: It’s always fascinating how a course of event can change your life.  In this instance, if I was not in Lincolnshire that weekend, if it had not been a beautiful Spring Day when we sat outside for lunch, we would not have met this lady from London who stopped to speak to us because her daughters were playing with their cockapoo in the garden.  And we had borrowed their bowl to give Polly some water because it was a warm day.

It was the first time I had ever heard of cockapoos – and took me forever to register that in my head.  A what?  I think I said something like poo-cocker. And so we know the rest of the story.

I have often wondered who that lady is. We know she’s a Londoner who lived near Regent’s Park.  She had two young daughters and a black cockapoo who must be about four years old now. I have often wondered if she’s on any of the Facebook pages.  I really just want to say thank you to her – for being there at the right time (lunch time on the 9 April, 2011), at the right place (The Olive Branch, Rutland)  – she led me to Darcy.

Five weeks later Darcy walked through the front door and my life changed – for the better.

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  1. Judith Vogel

    Idea! Miss Darcy. Ask Mummy if there’s anyway to trace “the Lady”? What about the restaurant where theymet? Did the family have a reservation?
    If so, perhaps they wouldn’t mind calling them to ask them if they could call you?
    Or car dealership where they had to pick up their SUV?
    Just wondering……
    We’re looking forward to being with you, George and your Mummy.
    Till later……
    Judy and Jim

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