Monty’s HOME! And now we can all have a good night sleep.

We got the news yesterday that Monty was lost in Hampstead Heath since Sunday. We wanted to get up there to help find him but realised he had left the park and was on the streets in the NW2 area of north London.  And since we don’t know that area, we didn’t even know where to begin.

So instead we shared the news so people up in the area can help with the search. We waited for news all dayand finally in the late evening we heard that he’s HOME!!!!

Victoria and Anastasia on the Hocroft Estate found him and reunited him with his mummy! He’s a bit skinny but otherwise seems fine. Probably more than fine – he must have been relieved after being scared out of his wits first by a jogger who ran into him and then to realise he was lost must have been terrifying.

But he’s home now.  And we can all sleep better knowing he’s safely in his own bed.  I’m sure he had a good meal and lots of cuddles.

With a happy ending, we too can go to bed happier.
IMG_2638 I think we’re getting extra cuddles tonight … as we think about Izzy who is still not home.IMG_2640May’s comment: Phew! How on earth did Monty manage to navigate the A41 Hendon Way and Finchley Road. I get lost and turned around each time I drive that way.  Absolutely hate that road! Oh well, I have to admit that a dog can navigate better than I can.

Anyway, so relieved to hear Monty’s home. I’ve often wondered what happens if Darcy got lost in the park – if she would run out on the streets to try to get home. We walk often enough the same road from home to Hyde Park – in fact, it makes me want to walk that route every day so if she ever got lost, she would know her way back. But I am sure someone would get a hold of her quickly and call me.

So tonight, I hold my two doggies a little tighter. Thankful that they are safe. Thankful that Monty made it home. But thinking of Izzy’s owners and how they must be hurting so much from missing their Izzy. xxx


  1. Julia

    Great that he’s safe. Still praying for izzy 🙁 X

  2. Cecilia

    Glad to hear that Monty made it back safely, now I wish the same thing would happen to Izzy soon!

  3. Sarahlockington

    Barney and I hit the streets for an hour, it seemed the least we can do as we live just a 10 minute walk away, I thought the sight of another cockapoo might help…..I felt dreadful coming home with not even a sighting but then saw the news……it really hit home and I am so tempted to start investigating the use of a GPS locator…..

    • Miss Darcy

      I’m starting to use one today at least for George. But then again accidents like that can happen.

  4. Hi May

    I just wondered if you would be happy to share the type of gps tracker that you use? I have been thinking of getting one for a while for Coco, my cockapoo. I love reading your posts! Thanks so much for sharing.
    Raphael x

    • Miss Darcy

      Hi Raphael, we’re trying one now from Pod Tracker. I’ll be writing about it on Saturday. Look out for the post – not comprehensive research but just two. I’ve tried one other but never got it to work.

  5. Thanks for letting me know May, I’ll look out for the post!

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