Fear is a scary word

Fear is not real. It is the product of thoughts you create. Danger is very real, but fear is a choice.

When we head down to Lots Road, we would walk through a bit of fenced in green area called Westfield ParkIMG_2446 It’s a smallish parkIMG_2447 Not much goes on – there are no squirrelsIMG_2449Just a few dogs IMG_2450We can’t go to half of the park where the children play.
IMG_2546But I know there’s a German Shepherd that goes there at a certain time of day. Her name is Hope.IMG_2555 And she usually stands by herself away from the other dogs because like me, they too are afraid of her.IMG_2553 This time she stood looking in our directionIMG_2551And I barked at her.  IMG_2552I was telling her I didn’t like her.

Then she came towards me, I ran and sat by Mummy’s feet and became very quiet.IMG_2554She really didn’t want anything to do with me and walked away – and as soon as she turned her back, I started barking after her.IMG_2548I am afraid of German Shepherds and I don’t like big dogs. They frighten me. I have a bad recollection of a time when I was little and one almost ate me up!!!  So I tell them off whenever I see one.

May’s comment: When Darcy was a puppy and we were walking around the quiet residential streets when we came across a security guy and his German Shepherd who were patrolling the streets around the neighbourhood. The security guy wanted to chat and to say hello to Darcy and thought the two dogs could meet. When without any warning, the German Shepherd lunged towards Darcy.  Both of them were on leads and they got tangled up – the German Shepherd’s face was millimetres from Darcy’s. She shrieked and yelped in fear. The security guy held back his dog while we untangled the two of them.

For months, Darcy would bark at any men wearing the yellow vest. She didn’t want to walk down that road for a long time. And she would go berserk at the sight of any German Shepherds – really more out of fear than anything else. Because the minute they approach her, she would hide between my legs and cry. She is only slightly better – four years on.

While humans overcome fears by confronting them, I was told that for dogs, we should avoid creating habits. So her barking at them should not be encouraged. The best is to avoid such situation. But sometimes you are unprepared and cannot help the situation.

It was interesting though that one time she was at the House of Mutt and a German Shepherd was also in resident. She, of course barked at him but Sam ignored her. After a day or two of showing her displeasure, she became more curious about him than not. It was also interesting that one day when he was being examined for his joint problems by a vet, Darcy walked up to them to see what was going on. In the end I think she was quite enamoured by him. I guess like humans, you are more intrigued by those who seem so uninterested in you. Maybe.

A little history of Westfield Park IMG_2442

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