In the Dog House (at The Pig Hotel)

Since I have been on the road, I thought about a trip I took last year when my little tyke friend, Sasha was in London.  It is almost a year to the date when we went to the New Forest and stayed at The Pig Hotel.DSC04242

The Pig Hotel


Mummy and I were put in The Dog House. No, I didn’t do anything naughty. I just fitted the description, I suppose.

It was lovely out there and I got to run around a bit and there were some photo ops.


Little Tyke and I got into some adventures …

IMG_4030We were in a bath together – little tyke being “He-man” and I looked on wondering what is he doing?

IMG_4138See how high I can jump.

DSC04237Now we’re in a pushcart pretending we’re going somewhere.


Walking amidst the lavender outside our cottages.

DSC04207BFF – Snuggling up

May’s comment: The Pig in Brockenhurt is a restaurant with rooms.  It has its own garden where they grow their own food and whatever they don’t grow, they find the food ingredients from a 25-mile radius.  It’s a bit shabby chic but it’s lovely.

IMG_4121A pig in my Cappucino

IMG_4137My two favourite friends

We went to the sister hotel – Limewood Hotel for dinner one night – because we know the chef, Luke Holder. It was absolutely foodie heaven. But no dogs allowed, so Darcy stayed at The Pig Hotel while we dined.  She wasn’t so happy.


IMG_4083Champagne and charcuterie – compliments form the chef

IMG_4084 IMG_4094Bangers and mash for Sasha

And Sasha learnt to say “cheers!”


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