The Fab Four moving on …

From the Norfolk coast …It was time to move inland –Back in the back of the car! And it must be said that we tried putting George in the crate – and he fell asleep! That’s good to know for car travelling but not a solution for travelling in cabs!

Next stop – Burghley HouseWe walked the grounds but it was not as friendly as Holkham Hall. As dogs were only allowed to sit outside the cafe.

Instead we found logs to amuse ourselves with.

A place to pose for more pics. The next stop – The Beech House in Clipsham, Rutland CountyThis six bedroom house is an extension of the award-winning Olive Branch across the road.A special place for us – we will tell you all about it in our next post.

We had dinner at The Olive Branch – dogs allowed in the bar area.And breakfast too.The next day, Lola invited us to her house for a play in her garden but before then we had to stop by Hambleton Bakery
in Oakkham.This is a serious bakery!Oh yum! But we didn’t get to go inside!What did you get for us?!?!?

Time for play in Lola’s garden.Come on Barnaby, pass the ball?What’s that last piece of Rutland Pippin doing all by itself on the plate?Sad to say, the hoomans didn’t share it with me. 🙁

Time for another walk – this time we went to Rutland Waters in Oakham

We had to be on the leash as there are lots of cyclists along the pathAnd I didn’t get to go into the water.But we walked across the fields around the peninsula …Before heading to Finch’s Arms for lunch.And so our two-day getaway came to and end. It was so much fun being able to play on the beach with friends and enjoying the beautiful days in Norfolk.

May’s comment: A brilliant two-day break. Glorious weather, super friends, good food and new experiences! Thank you Sam and Julie for our little adventure!

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