Love Italian Style

Walking through the streets of Paris and Milan, my feet were looking grey and along with Mummy’s not so fantastic wash after a run around the castle grounds in Stockholm, Mummy was thrilled to find a groomer right in the centre of Milano! 

She thought it’s time for a proper “bagno” for our flight home tomorrow and made an appointment for me at For Pets Only.IMG_4868I wasn’t so thrilled myself especially being met by this miniature little yappy!IMG_4840 Are you leaving me, Mummy?IMG_4844 So while I was being “pampered” Mummy took Little Yellow Dog to places she couldn’t go with me – like the Duomo di Milano. IMG_4859IMG_4857 No dogs please.  The sign also said no photographs but every other person was so forget that rule! So here’s Little Yellow Dog inside the Duomo!IMG_4855 Mummy went in to light three candles …IMG_4853 Then she went off to have lunch at Peck – no dogs allowed there!  This was another favourite of Mummy’s – so she timed it quite well.IMG_4860 With nocciola gelato and machiato to finish off before she hurried to pick me up.IMG_4864 Viola! How do I look? You seem quite pleased, Mummy. I’m glad you are.IMG_4870

You like the bow in my hair?
IMG_4872May’s comment: Really pleased with her wash and that little bow on her ear is so pretty! Now I know why I have a girl. Can’t put a bow on a boy even if it’s blue. I love it! Also good for cuddles tomorrow when we travel home.


  1. Tracey

    Oh darcy & may (& little yellow doggy!!) you go to all the BEST places, wishing I was on your fantastic travels with you.
    Hope your all having a fabulous time xx

    • Miss Darcy

      We had a blast! I think Mummy more than me. She’s also very tired having to take care of me and LYD the whole time. She was always feeling in her pocket if LYD was still there and did not run away on his own adventure! We’re all back safely. Mummy says she’s having some log in problems on ILMC site so have to wait till tomorrow when it comes back on again! x

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