Ciao! Ciao!

After lunch we walked to the Piazza Duomo for our photo opp!

IMG_4723Mummy told me that many years ago when she came here for a job interview, she walked out of it – came to this very spot and embraced this view. She stood in front of the Duomo and said to herself – this is going to be my home!  And by the time she arrived back to where she was staying – they called her with a job offer. From there her Italian adventures began – and so did her perspective of the world.

After that little tale she told me, we walked towards the Galleria – full of people so we gave it a miss.


We walked along Corso Vittorio Emanuele and saw a sorts of funny things … squeaky clowns, talking babies, grooving Africans, balancing acts!IMG_4849IMG_4846

Mummy took a closer look to see how it was done. She was actually tempted for me to jump up at them but thought better! 🙂

And guess who we saw – Becks!!! Larger than life. Hey Becks!

We stopped at The Brian & Barry showroom cafe to have a coffee, actually affogato with Alberto …
IMG_4745 IMG_4744

Then we walked over to Via Spiga for a stroll (down memory lane for Mummy!)

Italians like dogs, I think … people stopped to say hello. 

Window shopping …

A look-see at Prada


We walked past La Scala

And looked inside the Galleria from the other side … look at all those people!


And there’s even something for me!!!  Prince and Princess – Dog’s Fashion World!

Mummy made an appointment for me – my feet and body are grey from all the dusty streets – and thought it’ll be an experience for me. Really?

We made our way back and stopped at Santa Maria della Grazie where we got off.

May’s comment:  Knackered!

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  1. Fiona Weller

    You look as though you’re having a great Italian experience Darcy 😀

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