The last stop – The Dog House

We made it to Brugge via Brussel – on the slow train. Actually our train to Brugge, of all the trains, was cancelled. Anyway we managed to get on the next train and arrived at The Dog House! img_7961-1No, I did not arrive in a bicycle!

Roxy and Dexter greeted us with excitable barks – very appropriate for a “Dog House”img_7785But Roxy, a mini schnauzer and wired fox terrier cross did not take a liking to me. ๐Ÿ™  We had a little brawl and I was scared of her even though I am bigger. But I am usually a wimp whenever it comes to fights.img_7945It’s probably because she’s a girl and she doesn’t like having another in her house.  Most of the time, she prefers to steal Dexter’s bone.

On the other hand, Dexter who is a Lancashire Heeler – Skye Terrier cross could not stop wanting to play with me.img_7940He is only 9 months old.  And he loves giving kisses.img_7939Mummy got lots of it.

Dexter went up with us to our room img_7935– up some very steep steps in this very old typical Brugge house.

He wanted to show me the outdoor seating next to the part that they’ve made into a green roof – which was very conducive to my needing to relief myself – though I don’t think that was the intention!!!! Oops! img_7787I walked out gingerly to the edge of the roof – img_7789to look down at Roxy who had been locked outside in the back patio. She was definitely in the “dog house” for not being very welcoming.img_7788We checked out our eclectic Terrace Roomimg_7792Mummy just thought everything was so different.img_7799Just the little touchesimg_7894And effects.terrace_4She was taking it all in. (photography courtesy of The Dog House)

Downstairs in the front of the house is the lounge home_7and the adjoining breakfast room img_7937… lots of lovely smells from the kitchen as breakfast was being cooked
img_7931Alas, Roxy and Dexter were inside which meant it was out-of-bounds for me. img_7923Good morning!!!!
img_7944On offer is a full English breakfast but Mummy thought she should start on her after-the-holiday diet with a protein meal!

Lots of doggy themed things aroundimg_7797img_7796There’s an honour bar for hoomans img_7938and us doggies!img_7798And I thought a beer might be appropriate since we’re in Belgium.img_7947While Roxy and Dexter were having a tug-o-war over a dog-bone – tsk! tsk!img_7953-1And across from the Dog House is a small park. img_7924We needed to walk across the bridge to get to it. Along the way I caught up with some local news.img_7930That’s the view of The Dog House from the parkimg_7926This is the The Dog House family – Susie with Dexter and Nick with Roxy.img_7968But I wanted a photo with them too!
img_7976Roxy’s all concerned while Dexter is chilled.

Oh, and there was also a golden lab in the other room.img_7958-1She was no threat – a bit on the old side.

So this B&B was definitely living up to its name.  We loved it!

May’s comment:   The Dog House only opened for business January this year.  Owned and run by an English couple who uprooted and moved to Brugge.  All the interiors have been carefully curated by Susie – a feast for the eyes. There’s nothing “ordinary” – everything is not of the expected but beautifully put together.img_7966-2Even though I was disappointed at first that I didn’t get the grey Canal Room, in the end, I really enjoyed sitting outside on the roof in the Terrace Room, especially late in the night when I was done blogging and all packed – ready to make our journey home.img_7920The Dog House was a perfect transition back to the real world after ten days of just hopping from one destination to another.  It had been an eventful ten days, varied experiences, enjoyable meet-ups with friends and almost hassle-free dog-travelling.  The unexpected solitary moments sitting on the rooftop looking up at the starlit skies provided time for reflection. Already the list of things I must do is growing and things to go back to. It’s been a very enjoyable trip and would have been quite different if not for Darcy. There was just something comforting about walking with her along the many streets in the various European cities and towns, exploring together was so much more enjoyable for me.

The Dog House provided a lovely end to a memorable trip –
img_7919A truly lovely getaway – something different form the hustle bustle of established hotels.


  1. Barb

    Thank You for showing us your trip around Europe.
    It was lovely and I enjoyed reading about it every morning.

  2. Margaret Danks

    Oh Miss Darcy! I’ve been catching up with your news and I’m exhausted just reading about your trip. Your photos are wonderful and makes me want to journey too. Brugge is such a beautiful place and the Dog House is on my list for my next visit there.

    • Miss Darcy

      They are so lovely at The Dog House. But they’re booked till May! They have a third room opening up soon. ?

  3. Hi Margaret and May

    We have bookings until May but we’re not fully booked! We do have availability
    Please check our website for availability: or email us on
    We’d love to have you come stay Margaret ๐Ÿ™‚

    All the best
    Nick, Susie, Roxy & Dexter at The Doghouse

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