Border crossings

We had a lovely overnight in Brugge and now the last stage of our journey home – and Mummy remembered in time to buy me a ticket for the train from Brugge to Kortrijk to Lille Flanders and onto Calais …img_7978That wouldn’t have been very smart – just when we were so close to home.

We had to get to the train station earlier to buy me a Second Class ticket – “museliere obligatoire” – you’re kidding me! img_7983 Well, we didn’t heed the “obligatoire” for a dog muzzle –img_7981Seriously, do you think I look like I needed one?img_7990The two trains to Lille Flanders stopped at every station – local choo-choo. And from there, a very crowded train that also stopped at every station along the way to Calais. There was a fast train from Brussels to Lille Europe but we opted not to go back because in the end it would have taken the same amount of travel time and we had to change stations in Lille, but maybe a little less crowded.

We finally arrived at Calais Ville – and we were happy to see Folkestone Taxi waiting for us to take us across the Eurotunnel! Going home to good ol’ Blighty!img_7992I am ready when you are! img_7993But before we crossed any borders or crossed over the the Isles, we stopped at the Pet Receptionimg_7994 Microchip was scanned – beep! And Passport checked.img_7996 Then it was a loo stop for me at the Pet exercise areaimg_7997 And it’s time to cross the border!img_7999 First the Frenchimg_8001 Then the UK Border Controlimg_8003 Into the Euro tunnel for 35 minutes –

out on the other side and for the final train ride …img_8013 We made it on the train to St. Pancras Internationalimg_8014I am so tired.  By the time we got home, it was already darkimg_8015The end of a road trip!

May’s comment:  No problems at Calais.  I was a little hesitant about crossing when I was planning the trip.  The driver did confirm that he had once a delay because of the migrant situation but usually the problems have been the passengers were not prepared with the Pet Passport.

This is our fifth crossing so all’s familiar.  Folkestone Taxi provides a great service for those of us who can’t drive across. They do this just about everyday – picking up from Calais, Lille or Paris or even Brugge. You pay for the transport service according to mileage plus the cost of tunnel crossing and the pet fee crossing.

We can cross over to the Continent by car via the Eurotunnel or take the Stenaline ferry as I did with George but it would be so much easier and faster if we can fly in with pets in cabin or via the Eurostar. We continue to battle with them but to no avail. We have to think of what else to do – maybe we should try to change the laws about flying in cabin into the UK. That would be a first hurdle. That law is archaic and since the existence of the Pet Passport, a lot of the reasons why should have been overcome but I understand this is not a priority for DEFRA and the UK Government.  But there are other ways to travel, car or ferry just inconvenient.


  1. Rowena

    Great set of photo’s May. Miss Darcy is such a good traveller! I’m trying to pluck up the courage to do that train journey to the South of France next year, you’re an inspiration!

    • Miss Darcy

      Awww thank you! I had so much fun travelling with Darcy. It would be very different if I did that on my own. She was an ice breaker and it was fun discovering places with her. It’s not difficult just inconvenient.

  2. Debbie Jennings

    Thank you we are thinking of driving to Spain next summer with our two and wondered what the tunnel was like. I think I would rather than than leaving them on a ferry

    • Miss Darcy

      If you’re driving, it’s super easy. I wish I dare drive but I don’t so I rely on all sorts of transportation. On the ferry – with Stenaline, you leave them in the kennels which is also fine. But it takes so long.

  3. Rita Betteridge

    We live in Folkestone and Folkestone taxis are always reliable and friendly. Glad you both had a good trip again. X

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