What’s in a groom? (Stories about dog-people)

The last couple of days were extraordinary. We always meet people who are nice to us. But something happened right after our grooming on Tuesday …Mummy left the groomers and wondered if she would make it past all the crowds of people on Kings Road. It was after all rush hour at 5.30pm. She carefully held two of us in each hand and manoeuvred us through the busy street, and holding us tightly as we crossed the busy lanes of traffic.

But before she went very far, a lady on the street remarked how beautifully manicured we were. “More than me!” she said. “Absolutely beautiful!” Considering I had recently started using products such as cbd for dogs for both their health and their coats, I was pleased that people were complimenting the dogs already! As long as they look and feel good, that’s all that matters.

Pleased as pie, Mummy walked along before she was stopped again, “What are they?

These three are apricot cockapoos, and then this little mutt.

Gorgeous!” the lady replied.

We turned into the quiet residential streets while each of us took turns to pee and to poo! Poor Mummy struggling with four dogs and then having to bend over to pick up our deposits as we wandered in different directions.

She spotted the perfect ledge to take our photo – fresh from the groomers. She lifted me first, followed by George. We are both experts at listening to the command, “Sit, and wait!
Then it was Jaffa’s turn who sat still only because she dared not jump off. And lastly Charlie who wasn’t so happy sitting next to another dog! Snap! Photo done.

Just as Mummy was lifting the last of us down from the ledge, a woman and her son of about eleven came running towards us.

Excuse me! Excuse me!” she shouted. Oops! Mummy wondered if she was being told off that the ledge was private property. Instead the woman asked eagerly if Mummy was a breeder and how does she get one that looked like us?

No, not a breeder and advised that she should go onto the various cockapoo Facebook pages to ask. She could also come and meet more of us at our Cockapoo meet in Hyde Park. Mummy handed her our mini cards with contact information.

We finally got home after being all tangled up along the way.

The next morning we were waiting for a bus when a lady walking past stopped and started talking to us. She’s been thinking of getting a dog. Her Spaniel had passed away a year ago and she couldn’t get herself to have another.

Oh no! Don’t think that. The best way to get over the grieving is to give love to another.

Your babies are making me think about another. It has been a year and maybe it is time.”

She walked away maybe a little closer to adopting another dog.

Later that day, we were in a cab on our way to Langham Hotel to meet Barnaby for lunch. Most cab drivers speak to us about their dogs. This one was telling us about his Staffie that had to be put down just a month ago. The arthritis in his back legs was so bad that he could no longer walk and dragged himself along. It was a difficult decision but a kind one to put him down. As he spoke, his voice wobbled. He admitted that he bawled like a baby and for weeks, he would cry. On the contrary, he kissed his mother’s coffin and said, “I love you Mum.” No tears.

We’ve heard that story many times before – many a cab driver have told us that own accounts. His explanation, that it’s because in human relationships there’s always baggage. But we dogs do not come with baggage, maybe issues from previous bad ownerships.

He didn’t know if he could ever get another dog.

“Do you feel you’re betraying your dog?” Mummy asked him.

“Yes, exactly that,” he responded.

“I think your dog would be so happy if you would because there are many dogs out there who could use a loving home. He would want you to. And you know what? Your heart is expandable. There’s space for two and even more.

I am not sure why Mummy was so sure about all that. She was speaking on our behalf and she’s very into expandable hearts because George taught her that. LOL! When we arrived at our destination, the cab driver thanked her and said he will definitely think about getting another. Thumbs up!

All these interactions were happening at every place. Was it that Mummy never noticed it before or did it seem like there was an exceptional rate of recognition since our grooming. It didn’t stop. At Space N.K. in Hampstead, all the staff stopped and came to stroke me and mentioned how soft my coat was.

The Tube Passenger next to us did not look like someone we normally speak to acknowledged that I was very pretty! A smile, a nod and another nod as he left the tube before we did.

Again and again, we were stopped on the street. Crossing the street near Sloane Square, a grandmother asked if I was a Cockapoo and proceeded to tell her daughter about us.

Something was happening. See what good grooming can do! ๐Ÿ™‚

May’s comment: It’s been amazing. People stopping us, running up to us, they kept saying, “Beautiful dogs!” Made me so proud. Were they so horrid before their grooming? LOL!

We have lots of conversations with dog loving people all the time but it seemed like an avalanche of comments and interactions happened this past week – coincidentally or not right after their grooming. Maybe people react to well-groomed dogs.

I laugh at myself at times – who would have thought years ago when I was sitting in my glass office on the 20th floor of a New York iconic building that I would one day be talking about expandable hearts. LOL! How things have changed.

I have to say, my two are pretty cute together. ๐Ÿ™‚ They are more distinctive together than apart.


  1. Jane Hamon

    It’s all in a good haircut! ?

  2. Lucy Cronin

    They are both gorgeous pups! Luca was groomed this week too. He looks so much better.

  3. Margaret Danks

    They are just beautiful May and bring such joy not only to you, but to us, who follow your blog. I look forward to your posts everyday ?

  4. Eppie Dyann Giles

    Beautiful Dogs. And love.

  5. Monica Gale

    Appearances are everything !!! and power is in the numbers LOL What a crowd of yumminess, its no wonder really that everyone wants to know about them <3

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