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There’s so much news about the infectious COVID-19 virus stemming from China.

The world is in lock down mode – especially in Harbin where the whole region has been in a complete state of lock-down, cut off from the world. The locals have been trapped inside and out of work. And we are starting to see the impact it has on everyday lives – both hoomans and dogs.

We have recently learnt about Slaughterhouse Survivors (SHS) – a rescue/shelter in Harbin, China – in the very epicentre of the corona virus outbreak.

The centre has five people looking after the dogs around the clock but they also rely on volunteers to help. But with the outbreak of the virus, all the volunteers had to get on the next flight home and all future volunteers were cancelled.

The local government had ordered the closing of the local clinics where they use to shelter some of the dogs which meant they had to move more than forty dogs into their Safehouse. It is already stretched beyond capacity with over 400 animals in a facility built for 200. But they are at least safe.

About 70 dogs were due to leave on their freedom flights in February, and another 90 in March. Obviously, this will not happen. They don’t know when the quarantine office will reopen or when they’ll be able to get dogs on upcoming flights since flights into Harbin have been cancelled.

There’s a lot to do and thankfully there are angels out there sending them food and supplies.

If we are looking for positives coming out of this Corona Virus outbreak – this might be the beginning of laws to be changed in China now that the Government is starting to realise they have to change the laws of banning selling livestock in markets.

Come on, China! Time to change – you can do it!!!

May’s comment: The rescue centre is run by three expats living in Harbin, North-East China, working full-time as teachers. Meet …

Hayley, from Ireland,

Aimee, from Australia,

and Emily, from England.

They began rescuing animals together in the Summer of 2016 in their free time, after seeing the vast amount of animals needing help in Harbin, and China as a whole.

They began by taking in a handful of dogs from a local slaughterhouse. They were petrified. They learnt as they went along, and with each case came new experience. The numbers quickly increased, as the vast amount of dogs (and cats) in need came apparent, and word spread of what they were doing. Those first five rescues quickly turned into over 400 in the first year and a half of rescuing.

It also quickly became clear to them that this is what they want to do long term, as a team. This year they are pushing to achieve more than they ever have before.

Follow them on their Instagram feed – @slaughterhouse_survivors

They do not facilitate direct adoptions but have aligned themselves with other rescues around the world. This is the link for adopting one of their dogs or help with donations.

If you’re interested in donating supplies or have questions about their merchandise or our Amazon wishlist, please email them directly at

Or when the time is right to volunteer again apply via our form on their Volunteerpage, or email us directly at

P.S. We will be looking to support them at our next Hyde Park Doodle Meet in March where we will be doing a charity photoshoot for Mothering Sunday. This time it will all be about action shots. More about this later.

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