Ready, set, fly …

Wishing you many leaps of joy this Leap Year!

Some old pics of me doing agility while at the House of Mutt.

Look at that little guy trying to follow me – LOL!

Love this back end shot!!! And the little guy still trying. 🙂

So wishing you lots of leaps of joy this Leap Year!

May’s comment: Something I wish I could do on a regular basis with them but it is so difficult finding places to do these things in London.

Need to make this a priority. Darcy loves jumping over things and onto things and she is quite fast. I slow her down!!! We can never compete because of me! LOL!

See how she is waiting for me – eye roll!

Even George – this is his first time ever and see how high he can jump! Not even afraid of the tunnel and going up the A-frame was no problem.

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  1. Rowena Ritchie

    That really does look like a lot of fun. Such beautiful photos, how lovely to have them to look back on.

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