First day back!

As with every morning, Andrew took Stan and I for a walk in Bishop’s Park.I have become a familiar sight there and the locals would come and say hello.  Even David Gandy stopped and patted me on the head yesterday morning – saying what a good puppy I was. Andrew told him I wasn’t a puppy!

After our morning walk, Andrew took me for a ride and when we got out of the car – it all looked rather familiar.  Where are we again?

For some reason, Andrew was standing still and seemed to be waiting. I wasn’t sure what we were doing. I looked around …When I saw so one crossing the street.  I looked at the person and looked away but she kept coming towards us – when I suddenly realised it’s Mum!  Woohoo!!!!

But where’s Darcy?  She was nowhere to be seen. So Mum didn’t leave me behind and took Darcy with her.

We went home to drop off my bag and Mummy’s shopping.  We stayed long enough for Mum to put the poppy dog tag on me as yesterday was the launch for Poppy Appeal 2018 and then it was time to head out.We were soon in Bus 22, heading towards Duke of York Square for Mum;s appointment at Richard Ward Hair salon – Hello Everyone! I’m back in town!After Mum had her hair done, we didn’t go home but went instead to Number Sixteen – a Firmdale Hotel on Sumner Place.We went to meet Mum’s friend, Liz for Afternoon Tea in the garden – a little oasis near the South Kensington tube station.Liz is visiting from Jacksonville, Florida – and this was their first time in London.Mum and Liz went to business school together in South Carolina. She thought it would be fun to experience a good English Afternoon Tea. And as it wasn’t raining, Mum thought it would be even more special to have Afternoon Tea in the lovely English garden at Number 16 Sumner Place.I think Liz enjoyed her first English Afternoon Tea.And I was mesmerised by the fishes in the water feature.

May’s comment:

And we’re back!

Not sure if it was because George’s eyes were slightly infected or he truly didn’t realise it was me for a few seconds. He has been to three different places and two whole weeks had passed. Of course he remembered me but a bit worrying he didn’t recognise me at first.

Number Sixteen, Sumner Place allow dogs only in the garden of their restaurant – again at the discretion of the Manager.

We’ve been here a few times, and as always, lovely weather and peaceful setting.

This was George’s report card from House of Mutt:

He was on very jolly form.  Lots of dashing around in the garden, and he was very good with the other dogs – once I’d pushed him away once or twice for growling at them initially.  Full of bounce.  He stayed on lead during the woody walks as his recall in our fields at home was a tad random to risk the big (unfenced)  outdoors!

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