Three pooches in a Turner Landscape

A Masterpiece!

The Terrace Gardens are close by Bingham House – we walked along the river till we came to the tunnel that connected the river to the gardens.

Summer is almost over but the gardens remain in bloom.

Lots of pretty places to pose for photos.

Me and Skylar did our part.

Whereas Mum was reluctant to let George off the lead – being small, unpredictable and in a vast open area, he got to do poses on pedestals.

He was sitting on this pedestal.

And another – think this was probably once a bird feeder.

We wandered into the less manicured lawns and there we saw what the painter Joseph Turner saw – a beautiful English countryside landscape.

We walked through wooded areas back to the manicured lawns where children played alongside the picnickers.

We went off to Holly Hock for some hooman replenishment as we sat and waited for Mum and Anne as they went inside

Anne had suggested after a quick stop, we go for a loop walk to see some manor houses across the other side of the river. Right, how do we get across?

Ah, here’s the boat that takes us across to the other side of the river …

Skylar and I got into the boat all by ourselves but Mum carried Little George. We paid £1 to get across.

On the other side of the river banks, we continued to walk off lead along the shaded road.

Till we came across some access to the river banks when Skylar and I went for a drink.

As I heard a small but audible gasp from Mum. LOL!

The difference between us furry doggies and short haired dogs is that it becomes so obvious when we have been in the water.

We arrived at the York House Garden Statues – nymphs of Greek mythology carved in Carrara marble.

They were not always there but by some misfortune of others, they ended up in this property and subsequently saved from neglect and destruction – so we can all enjoy them today.

And just as I was posing – I saw SQUIRRELS!!! Hooray! The best part of the walk. I ran chasing after them and got lost in the maze of gardens. But happily I ran!

After all that running, needed a drink and we came across this clear pond – where I took a sip of water.

The whole walk was just so full of photo ops.

Er, hello?

We crossed over the stone bridge to get to York House.

And there it stood – majestically.

We wandered along to check out the grounds of York House which dates back to the 19th Century – where many features of the previous owner, Indian Industrialist, Sir Ragan Tata remains.

Next Manor House – The Orleans -posing by the baroque Octagonal tower.

The posing duo!

It was a warm day and Mum and Anne needed another sit down for a drink – and we waited outside or them.

After a short stop, we walked across fields where many were out and about.

I hurried past the rugby players in case they come charging at me!

The next manor house along the river was Marble Hill House – I think Mum’s favourite.

This Palladian Villa is set on 66 acres of grounds – was gifted to Henrietta Howard from George II when he was Prime of Wales.

Well, I think we had a really lovely day discovering some beautiful homes and gardens – just 30 minute drive from home. Think Richmond is starting to become a favourite.

May’s comment: Never tire of this view. A lovely walk with friends and seeing some of England’s best. So close to London and only just discovered it.


  1. Alison Wood

    Looks lovely – next project could be dog walks in the UK

  2. Cheryl

    What a picturesque city! Is there access to Richmond by train from London?

  3. Valerie

    May. What beautiful pictures! You have a great “camera eye”!

  4. Alison Mullett

    Some beautiful photos May

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