Well, what do you know?

Say hello to Kingston, our new neighbour and latest addition to cockapoos in the mansion block where we live.

There are now three of us.

First there was me and then Sammy moved in.

He’s younger than me and we found out by accident that he comes from the same breeder as I do, though not the same parentage.

We ran into Kingston on Kings Road just last week but didn’t realise that he actually lives in our mansion block.

Kingston is twelve and a real gentleman.

Mum and Coralie had a good natter and inquired where he’s from.

Are you a cockapoo? asked Kingston

He’s from Wales, we were told. And – he too comes from my breeder!!!! Well, what do you know!!!!

May’s comment: What are the chances of three cockapoos in Central London, in the same mansion block, of different ages coming from the same breeder in Wales?!?!?

A real sweetheart, very calm – no crazy spaniel in him. And a mum who adores him like only we know how. 🙂

Ahem, there’s another doodle – Charlie – who lives next door to us. Charlie is a girl and a mini labradoodle. We’ll have to introduce her another time.


  1. Poppy

    I’m desperate to ask if the breeder in common was Jandaz but I’m not sure that’s allowed. X

    • Miss Darcy

      Yes they are all from Jandaz. I know we are not allowed to speak about breeders in many of the social media sites. But this is a private blog.

    • Miss Darcy

      Yes they are all from Jandaz! 😍

  2. Margaret Danks

    Absolutely beautiful 🐾❤️

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