Three’s been good company

It has been so much fun having you stay with us, Jaffa Cakes! 
At the beginning you weren’t sure about our routines and sat all by yourself while we were in the other room.IMG_5707 So we came to find you to make you feel a part of usIMG_5715But we had to have an agreement on which toy was off-limitsIMG_5776 Teddy is the only one you can’t have …IMG_5753Yet you kept trying and we would have stand-offs regarding TeddyIMG_5744But everything else we shared – especially our bed IMG_5803Though you and George had a spat about who gets to sleep next to Mummy’s legs one night – and amazingly you won.  George jumped off the bed in a huff and went to sleep in your bed. LOL! I just watched you two little rascals get on with it.

And we all donned the same jumpers when we went to dinner at the Maze Grill – three pooches at one table was quite daring, Mummy dearest, but wonderful that they welcomed us like always.IMG_5867From the very smart jumpers, we also wore our very funny looking Equafleeces when we went for a “runaround” in Ascot.IMG_5982We even went to visit Santa at the Duke of York Square. Here’s us with one of the elves!IMG_5852And that’s you with Santa while we were snooping around.IMG_5846Come again and again and again, Jaffa-cakes – we loved having you stay.

Mummy said she would love to throw you a ball for as long as you like.IMG_5767May’s comment: It was such pleasure to have Jaffa with us. Georgie stayed with her for almost a month while I was out of action.

When we went out in the evening for dinner after a completely washed out day, they wore matching cable knit sweaters from Purple Bone

Equafleeces in three different colours – did the job of keeping them clean when running through muddy fields while in Ascot.

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