Replenished at Maggie Jones

We finally found a restaurant close to Hyde Park that we can go to after our walks.

Maggie Jones is tucked away in a little cul-de-sac between Kensington High Street and Kensington Church Street.

Maggie Jones is warm, cosy, rustic, informal, traditional and even romantic.  We had lunch by candlelight!IMG_2375 So Mummy thanks it looks pretty and tried to get me in the picture with flowers and candles.IMG_2376Their menu includes classic British dishes – Mummy had a cottage pie.IMG_2384

We met lovely Patrice who has been working there for 11 years and he loves his job so much – he feels like it was only yesterday when he began. IMG_2388He told us that the name of the restaurant is named after Princess Margaret who used to frequent the place – and she would come under the pseudo name of “Maggie Jones” – made up of her name, Margaret and her husband’s – Antony Armstrong-Jones.

I was served water in a silver bowl that is usually reserved for Prince Michael of Kent’s dog “Shadow” – they go there quite often as well.IMG_2385Looks like we’ll be frequenting Maggie Jones – provides incentive for Mummy to go walking!

May’s comment: So pleased to have found Maggie Jones – a short walk from Kensington Gardens makes it ideal for our park walks – to replenish ourselves. Lovely atmosphere and good food. Maggie Jones is the sister restaurant of La Poule au Pot which does not allow dogs inside but on a nice day, dogs are welcome to sit outside.

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