At Lido Cafe

We’ve often walked past the Lido Cafe when walking through Hyde Park but recently we’ve enjoyed stopping there. There are lots of other doggies and their owners who all have the same idea. So it’s a safe place for me. When Mummy goes in to get her coffee, she ties me to the fence around the lake and I sit quietly looking out anxiously for her. IMG_2394I keep my eyes focused on the door that she went through.IMG_2397Aha! I see her!!!IMG_2393

Mummy has a coffee and we share a croissant. We would sit and look out at the Serpentine. It’s a lovely, serene place to contemplate matters. Just the two of us.IMG_1902May’s comment:  When I left Darcy tied up outside Lido Cafe at Hyde Park while I went in to get a takeaway coffee – she kept a watchful out for me – her eyes never left the sight of me, and if I am obstructed from view, she just keeps staring at the doorway where I had disappeared. It makes me want to run back to her as soon as I can. And then that excited tail wagging and lots of kisses – whether it was 10 seconds or 10 minutes. I think we both have separation anxiety!

At Lido Cafe – one of the places to stop for a coffee at Hyde Park.  Great for the summer but will have to see what happens come winter.


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  1. Fiona Weller

    Darcy is such a good girl

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