Ticket to Ride

We’re all set for our train ride to Avignon.

IMG_2233The tickets say that “little animal must be in container” – so that’s George in his bag. And dog on leash must be muzzled. πŸ™

I’ve been on the European trains before. They always say that but it was never an issue for me. I think they were just being cautious just in case it was a German Shepherd or some one like Zeus.  So just in case they think I am dangerous, we’re all prepared. George has a bag and I had some sort of “muzzle”.

Now let’s get on the train to Avignon … and voila!  No bag! No muzzle!IMG_2329George was all curious with the ongoings outside of the train as well as what’s going on in the train – he goes to say hello to everyone who pays him any attention.IMG_2338Mummy is always pulling him back unless they say it’s ok.  But me, it’s just another train ride.IMG_2331 We got to Lille very quickly … and then we had a very long two hour wait before the train to Avignon.IMG_2345 Finally we’re on our way. IMG_2351George is looking at Mummy going – what? Another train?IMG_2356After snooping around for a while, even Georgie settled down for our four-hour train journey.

IMG_2359We haven’t had a run in the park today but we’re exhausted from all this sitting around in the train and walking through busy train stations.

Can’t wait to meet Tati when we finally get to our destination.

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