Pas de chien! – the story of my (a dog’s) life

We decided to stay the night in Calais to be sure we don’t miss the morning train to Avignon.  We did a  walkabout the town, rather the port.

We saw quite a few dogs off leash. But little Cassis wasn’t. He was quite happy to see us – he dropped the toy he had in his mouth to say “bonjour!”IMG_2240

Behind the Holiday Inn where we were staying was the Place d’Armes – there was a series of fountains which made funny noises … a bit distracting for my photo op!
IMG_2259Next to it is the Tour du Guet, a 13th century watchtower.

IMG_2262 We saw two giant statues on the square. They look like they were walking their “missing” dog.IMG_2266Maybe they’re so big because he’s the Generale Charles de Gaulle and Yvonne!

We could see the lighthouse from where we were – and decided to walk towards it – given this is a port after all.  As we got closer, we saw green at the bottom of the lighthouse – oh yes, just what we needed. But they anticipated our intentions and it’s obviously a “pas de chien” area! Oh, bummer! ๐Ÿ™IMG_2272There was a plaque about the history of the lighthouse.
IMG_2278We must come out later in the evening to see if it is working.

But Georgie, he was busy reading the pee-mail all along the way.  Wonder if he understood French poo – but he was very interested.IMG_2279

We walked along the port and saw this monument to the sailors.IMG_2308But Georgie was not into historical landmarks. He sees water!  IMG_2304Crikey! Georgie!  This is even deeper than the River Thames. This one, you can forget it!!!  The water is part of the sea and if you ever think of jumping in, you can be washed away!  Mummy doesn’t think it’s a good idea for her to jump in after you, so you’ll need to think hard about this act of defiance.

And if you do, we can add your name to the list on the memorial by the harbour!

IMG_2300Mummy thought, it’s better we make our way back to the hotel before George gets any ideas.IMG_2312That’s our hotel just in the distance, just by the port.

Oh wow, see how international Calais is! They have consulates of the Netherlands …

IMG_2316 And GreeceIMG_2317 And even something British! LOL!IMG_2269P.S. After supper, we took our evening walk and yes indeed the Light house was beaming it’s light.IMG_2319

May’s comment: You mean there’s more to Calais than the Eurotunnel and train stations?!?!?!!? ๐Ÿ™‚

We were told the Holiday Inn is dog-friendly, and thought – ok, not so bad, it’s only for a night.  But it turned out to be a pleasant place to stay for the night. Only 1 km from the train station, the staff were really lovely, helpful and welcoming. And best of all, we are allowed to dine in the restaurant.  There are places close by but after the drive down from London, etc, etc. – so happy just to be able to go downstairs for a bite and rest for the night.  Do not go for the cuisine!  Dogs loved my hand downs.

Lovely weather during the day but as the sun set, the temperature dropped  by about 10 degrees.

Anyway, time for bed for an early rise, for doggy walks before getting a taxi at 09.45!

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